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    May Kwan

    Hi, I’m May Kwan. I’ve been in the field of furniture since I graduated from university. China is the world’s largest furniture exporter, producing 45% of the world’s furniture. I was lucky enough to work for one of the top 3 furniture trading companies in China.

    I used to work with major world-class retailers such as IKEA and Ashley. I joined Rix Sourcing on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses produce top quality furniture.

    So you submit an inquiry for furniture, and I can definitely provide you with the most popular designs, the most competitive prices and the lowest MOQ! You can also expect top quality service from product sourcing to shipping arrangements.

    Dining Tables

    Explore the power of a gorgeous dining table to revolutionize every meal you serve and enjoy. While you might already love to cook and enjoy eating together as a family, a fresh dining area will inspire new flavors, feelings, and experiences. Even if you just like to take out on a clean plate, a new dining table can revitalize the dinner hour.

    Dining Chairs

    Almost everyone enjoys sitting around a table for a good meal and friendly conversation. A warm and pleasant dining room with a soothing atmosphere will draw guests in for meals and visits. Select a comfortable dining chair and bench to place around the table. When not in use around the dining table, they add a wonderful touch to an entry or bedroom. These versatile chairs are also handy when you need an extra game chair or office chair. Select a chair that matches your table or other design elements in the room. Then, simply replace the cushion.

    Sideboards & Buffet

    When you are looking to create a stylish storage space for your dining room, you can’t go wrong with a sideboard. Rix Sourcing’s buffet tables come in a variety of styles, so you can find something that works well with your furnishings. These Sideboards are available in a variety of sizes to fit your restaurant, whether it’s small, large or somewhere in between.

    Bar Stools

    Looking for seating for the whole family at the kitchen counter for quick meals and long conversations. Want to create a bar area where you can entertain guests and show off your cocktail skills? Fashionable bar stools are the ideal seating option. Bar stools provide comfortable seating for the kitchen and constructed counters throughout your home. A nice set of bar stools can play an even more important role.

    Wine Cabinet

    Your bar is the centerpiece of any party, whether you’re mixing up the Manhattan or showing off your collection of vintage wines. No matter what you like to drink or entertain, adding the right wine cabinet to your home can make cocktail hour a lot more fun.

    One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service

    Suppose you have no experience in customizing or importing products from China. Don’t worry; our professional agents will support you from customization to shipping to your country.

    1. Submit Your Requirements

    You can submit your inquiry by clicking the “Submit” button on any page of Rix Sourcing.

    2. Get Factories’ Quotation

    We will negotiate with the factory directly and try to get you the most competitive price possible. No hidden fees.

    3.Customized Samples as Your Requirements

    In order to check the craftsmanship level of the factory, we will arrange for the factory to make samples according to your requirements.

    4. Confirm the MOQ and Price. Place Order

    If you are satisfied with the quality and price, your agent will place the order and follow up on the production.

    5. Quality Inspection, Arranging Shipping

    We will inspect your goods and arrange shipment to your country after ensuring there is no quality issue.

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