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    May Kwan

    Hi, I’m May Kwan. I’ve been in the field of furniture since I graduated from university. China is the world’s largest furniture exporter, producing 45% of the world’s furniture. I was lucky enough to work for one of the top 3 furniture trading companies in China.

    I used to work with major world-class retailers such as IKEA and Ashley. I joined Rix Sourcing on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses produce top quality furniture.

    So you submit an inquiry for furniture, and I can definitely provide you with the most popular designs, the most competitive prices and the lowest MOQ! You can also expect top quality service from product sourcing to shipping arrangements.


    Everyone loves the open invitation of a gorgeous sofa. Decorate your home with a new sofa or find a new place for those beloved chairs to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere for the whole family. With a loveseat, feature table, and just the right lighting, your sofa will become the centerpiece in your home. Every room deserves its couch, so explore all the styles you can buy at Rix Sourcing today.

    Arm Chairs

    Seating is a must for any room, from the formal living room where you entertain guests to the casual space where you spend most of your time with your family. Sectional sofas and loveseats take up most of the space in many rooms, but a comfortable armchair, side chair, and ottoman can bring outstanding style to your living room, family room, den, or bedroom.

    Coffee Tables

    In every home, the coffee table provides a refreshing space where you can share drinks, games and design-centric with loved ones and guests. This piece of furniture is used in most homes, almost every day, if not nearly all day or evening. A table that does such a heavy job should be special. Create a signature look in your living room with a gorgeous table.

    Side Tables

    Creating the ideal living room for entertaining guests requires elegant and stylish furniture. It would be best to have something versatile, durable, and functional for storage in family rooms and dens. Side tables are a must for any space where people gather, whether ultra-formal or super casual.

    Console Tables

    A console table is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used in various ways throughout the home. These tables can be used to store useful items such as books or to display decorative items such as picture frames and heirlooms. While most console tables have open storage shelves, some come with opaque drawers to hide clutter. Available in a variety of beautiful colors and styles, they will match perfectly with existing furniture in any living space.

    Recliner Sofas

    The only thing better than a super-comfortable sofa is a super-comfortable sofa that can also recline. The reclining sofa provides the best of both worlds, so you can sit or kick back normally. Most reclining sofas even offer multiple reclining seats, which means your family doesn’t have to fight over who gets the “good” seat.

    One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service

    Suppose you have no experience in customizing or importing products from China. Don’t worry; our professional agents will support you from customization to shipping to your country.

    1. Submit Your Requirements

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    3.Customized Samples as Your Requirements

    In order to check the craftsmanship level of the factory, we will arrange for the factory to make samples according to your requirements.

    4. Confirm the MOQ and Price. Place Order

    If you are satisfied with the quality and price, your agent will place the order and follow up on the production.

    5. Quality Inspection, Arranging Shipping

    We will inspect your goods and arrange shipment to your country after ensuring there is no quality issue.

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