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    May Kwan

    Hi, I’m May Kwan. I’ve been in the field of furniture since I graduated from university. China is the world’s largest furniture exporter, producing 45% of the world’s furniture. I was lucky enough to work for one of the top 3 furniture trading companies in China.

    I used to work with major world-class retailers such as IKEA and Ashley. I joined Rix Sourcing on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses produce top quality furniture.

    So you submit an inquiry for furniture, and I can definitely provide you with the most popular designs, the most competitive prices and the lowest MOQ! You can also expect top quality service from product sourcing to shipping arrangements.

    Hotel Bedroom Furniture

    The concept of hotel rooms should be designed to provide relaxation and renewal, free from the physical and mental burdens of city life, work stress and daily life. It is well known that many people use hotel rooms every day of the year. Thus, selecting durable materials for the skeleton of hotel bedroom furniture, covering the surface with stain-resistant fabrics, easy cleaning, and choosing comfortable and durable sponges are criteria that should not be overlooked. In decorating hotel bedrooms, it is also important to make customers feel special with exclusively designed furniture.

    Hotel Restaurant Furniture

    Another place where the hotel furniture stands out is the cafe and restaurant section. Customers spend pleasant, interesting and tasty time in the hotel’s café and restaurant. Consideration should be given to the quality and comfort of the seating sets that accompany these tastes and the flavours offered to them. The dining tables and chairs used in these spaces should be furniture that can provide both comfort and elegance. In addition, these spaces can be transformed into a more attractive atmosphere through different colours, lighting and decorations.

    Hotel Public Area Furniture

    The hotel’s atmosphere can be seen from the reception and the lobby. Thus, the comfort and quality presented to customers in these areas, which also serve as a hotel showcase, will provide an initial idea of the rest of the facility. For this reason, the hotel lobby and reception are some of the areas that need to be carefully designed. The selection of hotel furniture and reception furniture used in the lobby should ensure that the products are high quality, comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

    Hotel Living Room Furniture

    With elegant and modern finishing, hotel living room furniture is the preferred choice for eye-catching decorations. Exactly what kind of appearance you need for your hotel living room decor also determines the furniture created for this purpose. Want to have a luxurious look in your hotel living room? To do so, classic hotel living room furniture will allow you to achieve the décor you want. If you need a modern and luxurious appearance, you should choose sofas, armchairs and coffee tables designed in attractive colours.

    Hotel Bath Room Furniture

    When choosing hotel bathroom furniture, first make sure it has a practical and spacious structure. Also, because it will be used for a long time, choose a waterproof and moist-proof product. Suppose you have a small bathroom use area. In that case, you can choose multi-purpose bathroom cabinets that divide the products your guests use in the bathroom into different shelves to prevent the use area from becoming narrower and allow your guests to use in different compartments easily. You can get our bathroom furniture designs from Rix Sourcing to find the most modern and specially designed bathroom furniture.

    One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service

    Suppose you have no experience in customizing or importing products from China. Don’t worry; our professional agents will support you from customization to shipping to your country.

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