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    May Kwan

    Hi, I’m May Kwan. I’ve been in the field of furniture since I graduated from university. China is the world’s largest furniture exporter, producing 45% of the world’s furniture. I was lucky enough to work for one of the top 3 furniture trading companies in China.

    I used to work with major world-class retailers such as IKEA and Ashley. I joined Rix Sourcing on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses produce top quality furniture.

    So you submit an inquiry for furniture, and I can definitely provide you with the most popular designs, the most competitive prices and the lowest MOQ! You can also expect top quality service from product sourcing to shipping arrangements.

    Rattan Outdoor Sofas

    When your patio is filled with leisure furniture, you and your friends will love to relax in the fresh air and sunshine. Start building the lounge area of your dreams with an outdoor rattan sofa. Choose from a range of colour options for frames and cushions to beautifully accent your patio living area.

    Outdoor Dinning Sets

    Gatherings of any kind are usually focused on food and drink; thus, outdoor dining furniture such as dining tables and dining sets are the centrepiece of your outdoor ambiance. Paired with matching chairs and cushions, a comfortable and decorative dining table can make all the difference. Dining tables range from lower-scaled wood slatted tables to slate-coloured aluminum pieces for a more stylish look. Best of all, you can find great styles that fit into smaller spaces without becoming overcrowded.

    Outdoor Umbrellas

    Umbrellas make your outdoor living space perfect while providing extra protection from the sun and rain. The most popular types of outdoor umbrellas are freestanding umbrellas, table umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas. The right style for your patio will depend on how you plan to use your umbrella. Freestanding umbrellas are perfect for poolside use or to provide shade on a lounger, while table umbrellas are designed to be placed in the center of a patio table. Cantilever umbrellas have a commercial-grade construction and are commonly used in cafes, restaurants and five-star hotels.

    Sun Loungers

    Relax in the fresh air with the outdoor lounge chairs. These sun loungers are perfect for napping by the pool or gathering with friends and family on a sunny afternoon. Choose from a variety of frame materials and finish options to match your outdoor living area.


    Shop for outdoor daybeds and start building your backyard oasis. These comfortable daybeds are perfect for lazy afternoons spent napping outside or enjoying a cold drink with friends and family. Complete with outdoor umbrellas, side tables, and other relaxation essentials, make your backyard a must-visit summer retreat.

    Patio Swings

    Lazy afternoons are best spent on a patio swing swaying with the cool breeze. Consider installing a patio swing to add an attractive seating element for your guests. From hanging styles to designs with stands, there are many options for adding a swing to your space. When shopping, be sure to consider the style and material of each swing, as well as any safety measures.

    One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service

    Suppose you have no experience in customizing or importing products from China. Don’t worry; our professional agents will support you from customization to shipping to your country.

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    3.Customized Samples as Your Requirements

    In order to check the craftsmanship level of the factory, we will arrange for the factory to make samples according to your requirements.

    4. Confirm the MOQ and Price. Place Order

    If you are satisfied with the quality and price, your agent will place the order and follow up on the production.

    5. Quality Inspection, Arranging Shipping

    We will inspect your goods and arrange shipment to your country after ensuring there is no quality issue.

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