The Perfect Guide For Furniture Sourcing Trips To China

Foshan wholesale furniture market is the world’s largest furniture trading platform. Every year, more than 300,000 buyers come to Foshan and purchase furniture.

Many people want to know what makes the Foshan furniture market so unique and so popular around the world. What should I pay attention when I go on a furniture sourcing trips in Foshan? and how to source products from Foshan Furniture Market during the global pandemic?

As a Foshan local, I run a sourcing company that helps customers from all over the world to find reliable suppliers in China. In this article, I’m excited to reveal the tips for furniture sourcing trips in Foshan on the next chapters. Enjoy reading!

1. Where is Foshan? What is Foshan Wholesale Furniture Market?

1.1 Where is Foshan?

Where is Foshan

Foshan is located in the central part of Guangdong Province, near the southern coast of China. Since Foshan is a county-level city, international flights cannot reach Foshan. So importers usually go to Guangzhou airport or Hong Kong airport first, and then to Foshan.

Foshan is very close to Guangzhou. You can take a taxi from Guangzhou airport to Foshan in one hour, which is very convenient.

After 40 years of development, Foshan City has grown from a small agricultural town to a large manufacturing-based city. Foshan has become the world’s most famous city for furniture and tiles, trading with more than 200 countries and regions around the world. And every year the Foshan International Furniture Fair is held here.

Nowadays, Foshan has formed furniture industry clusters around, such as Dongguan City, Shenzhen City, Jiangmen City and so on. These neighboring cities all supply furniture to Foshan.

1.2 What is Foshan Wholesale Furniture Market?

China Foshan Furniture Wholesale Market is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, connecting Le Cong Town and Long Jiang Town along 10 km highway.

Over the years, Foshan has formed a unique “furniture market cluster” with the International Trade City as the core, a number of professional furniture markets and professional streets to support each other. There are probably more than 200 furniture malls inside the Foshan wholesale furniture market.

Foshan Shunde has become the largest furniture wholesale market and distribution center in China and even in the world. The Foshan wholesale furniture market has a total area of about 32.3 million square feet, including Sunlink Group, Le Cong International Furniture Exhibition Center, Shunde Empire Group, Tuan Yi International Furniture City, etc.

2. Foshan Furniture Wholesale Market Introduction

Foshan Lecong Furniture City have more than 200 modern furniture malls, over 5,000 furniture distributors and more than 1,300 furniture manufacturers.

2.1 Foshan Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center

Foshan Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center

Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center is the most famous furniture mall in Foshan. All the furniture in the Louvre is high end and premium quality, but very expensive.

Louvre has many of the latest styles and unique designs. So, even if your budget is small and you don’t plan to buy luxury furniture, it’s still worth a visit to the Louvre.

Address: Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, 325 Highway, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City

Product category:

F1  Customized Furniture / Outdoor Furniture / Coffee Table / Massage Chair

F2  Office Furniture / Italian Simple Luxury Style Furniture / Soft Bed / Mattress

F3  Modern Solid Wood Furniture / Children’s Furniture / Italian Simple Luxury Style Furniture / New Chinese Furniture

F4  Lighting / Wall Paintings

F5  Louvre Import Gallery / Galaxy Square

F6  Louvre Import Gallery

2.2 Sunlink Furniture City (North Section)

Foshan Sunlink Furniture City North Section

Sunlink Furniture City (North Section) is located north side of the Louvre. You can probably get the same design furniture of the Louvre for half price here. Of course there are differences in quality.

Address: Sunlink Furniture City (South Section), 325 Highway, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City

Product categories: Modern Luxury Furniture, European and American Classical Furniture, Office Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Mahogany Furniture, etc.

2.3 Sunlink Furniture City (South Section)

Most of the store in Sunlink Furniture City (South Section) is factory wholesale, so the price is low, but the quality has good and bad. If you are familiar with the furniture industry and know how to distinguish good quality products, you can go here to find cheap price furniture.

Address: Sunlink Furniture City (South Section), 325 Highway, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City

Product Categories: Sofa, Lving Room Furniture, Office Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Mahogany Furniture, Home Decor

2.4 Red Star Macalline Brand Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center

Le Cong Red Star Macalline is similar to the Louvre, with many luxury and creatively designed products. Compared to the Louvre, Red Star Macalline is more cost-effective.

Address: Shuiteng Road, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City

Product categories: Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Children’s Furniture

2.5 Empire Furniture Wholesale Center

Empire Furniture Wholesale Center is located in the center of Foshan Furniture City, specializing in luxury furniture and modern style furniture, suitable for people with medium budgets.

Address: Empire Group, Lecong International Furniture City, 325 Highway, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City

Product Categories: Home furniture, Hotel furniture, Kids furniture, Office furniture, Suite furniture

In addition to these 5 well-known furniture malls, there are more than 200 furniture malls in the Foshan wholesale furniture city. Click on this link to learn more about the wholesale furniture markets in Foshan.

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3. 10 Tips Before The Furniture Sourcing Trips in Foshan

3.1 Prepare Your Project Drawings and Furniture Shopping List

Many people know that they can save a great deal of money by coming to Foshan Furniture City to buy furniture. When planning furniture sourcing trips in Foshan, you must prepare your furniture shopping list in advance before you travel. What you need to know is that Foshan Furniture City is 10 km long, and if you go without a purpose, you can’t finish shopping for a week.

What is the purpose of your furniture sourcing trips to Foshan? Is it wholesale or retail furniture, or hotel projects, office projects, restaurant projects or buying furniture for your home?

The first step before buying furniture is to learn about your project drawings, color scheme and furniture dimensions. It is better to ask your designer for suggested materials. This is essential information for furniture manufacturers, especially for customized furniture.

Make a shopping list of all the items you intend to purchase, focusing on several places, including description, material, size, quantity, etc. Here is the simplest template for your reference:

Furniture Shopping List China

Finally, you can send this shopping list to your China sourcing agent who can create a simple schedule for you in advance, and they can suggest you to some factories or wholesalers who sell your items or can manufacture the items you need. In this way, you don’t need to waste a lot of time and effort to go through so many furniture stores.

3.2 What is The Best Time for Me to Apply for a Chinese Visa Before I Plan to Visit China?

VISA China buy furniture Foshan

The best time to apply for a Chinese visa is one or two months before your departure date. Chinese visas are usually valid for three months from the date of issuance, which means the earliest you can apply is three months before departure. For example, if you plan to enter China on July 1, the best time to submit your application is around May 15.

Note that if you apply for your visa too early, it may expire before your departure.

You can ask for help from a local travel company. They will help you with all the China visa process.

Sometimes, the Chinese Visa Application Service Center may ask you to provide an invitation letter from your Chinese supplier. In this case, you need to ask your Chinese supplier for help.

3.3 The Best Time to Visit the Foshan Wholesale Furniture Market

The Foshan Wholesale Furniture Market is open all year round (except for the Chinese New Year holiday), so you can come anytime. Considering the nearby fairs, weather, and peak business season ……, the best time to visit the Foshan wholesale furniture market is from March to July and August to December.

We recommend that visitors try to avoid coming to China during the Chinese New Year holiday, when most furniture malls and factories are closed for the holidays.

From March to July

Spring Canton Fair (April 15~19, April 23~27, May 1~5), CIFF Guangzhou (March 18 ~ 21, March 28~31), Long Jiang Furniture Fair Exhibition (March 16~19), Dongguan 3F Furniture Fair (March 16~19) …… are at this time, so you can visit Foshan and these furniture fairs together.

If you are a furniture retailer or wholesaler, then the Foshan Furniture Market and these fairs are perfect for you. Thus, you can compare and enrich your product range.

The weather is also quite pleasant at this time of year. It’s springtime. The average temperature is 20C-25C.

However, if you choose to come to China during the Canton Fair and CIFF Fair, you need to know one thing in advance: there are no cheap flights and no discount hotels …… because it is very crowded.

From August to December

The Autumn Canton Fair is held in late October every year, Foshan Furniture Fair (September 4~7), but Autumn CIFF will be held in Shanghai (September 5~8).

This is the time of autumn and winter in China. The weather is very pleasant at this time. The average temperature is 15C-25C. If you are not coming to China during the Canton Fair and CIFF, the hotel rates will be much cheaper.

Our Recommendations:

If you are planning furniture sourcing trips for your project or for your home, we recommend that you try to avoid visiting during the furniture fairs.

We have customers who tell us they want to buy furniture for their homes from furniture fairs, because they think the prices are cheaper at the exhibition. However, most suppliers at the fairs are not willing to retail and only welcome wholesale orders. It makes no sense to visit a furniture fair, if you are only placing a small quantity orders. In addition, flight tickets and hotels can be very expensive during furniture fairs.

Moreover, the time to visit the Foshan Furniture Market depends on how big your project is and the complexity of your shopping list. Please remember that you must plan in advance for the design, quality, size and budget of your products. Visiting with a goal in mind can save a lot of time.

In addition, you may want to spend an extra day sightseeing, especially if this is your first visit to China. There are many special attractions in Foshan and Guangzhou. Therefore, it is probably safe to allow at least 4 days for procurement travel. (not including flight time)

3.4 Which Furniture Markets Should You Consider to Visit?


Recommended to Louvre, Red Star Macalline and Easyhome, there are high-end Chinese brands and imported brands, with the latest design, the best quality.

Mid- End

Recommended to Sunlink Furniture City North, Empire Furniture, and Le Cong International Furniture Exhibition Center, there are many factory direct stores here.

Mid and Low End

Recommended to Sunlink South, Dongheng, and Nanhua, these three big markets are mostly factory wholesale. The prices here are very low, but the quality is not so high, and you need to know how to identify the quality of the furniture, suitable for those who are familiar with the furniture industry.

3.5 Where to Stay in Foshan? Foshan Hotels Recommended.

Foshan Lecong Sofitel Hotel

When you arrive in Foshan, the first thing you may have to worry about is where to stay. What are the hotels in central Foshan? Which hotels are close to Foshan Furniture Market? Which hotels are close to shopping centers?

I have chosen different levels of hotels ($50-$180) and I believe you can choose one that suits you.

Crowne Plaza Foshan100USD5Old five-star hotel in Foshan, downtown, convenient transportation, close to shopping centers
Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan100USD5New hotel, downtown, near shopping centers
Swissotel Foshan90USD5Downtown, the highest hotel in Foshan
Hilton Foshan90USD5Downtown, no shopping center nearby
Sofitel Foshan180USD5The best hotel in Le Cong, near Foshan Furniture City
Foshan Fortuna Hotel90USD5Near Foshan Furniture City, many restaurants nearby
Park Lane Hotel Foshan75USD4Near Foshan Furniture City, many restaurants nearby
Ramada Foshan Shunde80USD4Near Foshan Furniture City
Bodun International Apartment50USD3Downtown, close to shopping centers

You can easily book hotels on Trip, Expedia, Booking, etc.

Note that if you plan to buy furniture in Foshan, please do not book a hotel in Guangzhou, otherwise you will waste more than 3 hours a day on the way.

Because furniture sourcing trips can be very tiring, you will want to stay in a hotel close to a furniture market so you can have more time to rest.

3.6 Cash, Credit Card, Mobile Payment In China

Cash or Credit Card?

Cash is still more widely used in China than credit cards, especially in smaller cities. Credit cards can be used in many places in China, including hotels, high-end restaurants and large shopping malls, so it is worth carrying them with you. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted in China.

Meanwhile, make sure you have enough cash to handle small payments while you are in China, as foreign credit cards may not be accepted in everywhere.

Mobile Payments in China

Mobile payments in China are surprisingly advanced and widely used, even more than cash payments. The two most common platforms are Alipay and WeChat. When travelling in China, mobile payment QR codes can be found everywhere, from taxis to street food stalls, and it is a very convenient payment way.

Alipay and WeChat Furniture sourcing trips

3.7 Where Can I Buy a Local SIM Card in China?

SIM card stores are all over China and you can easily find them at major airports such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport.

It is recommended that you buy from an official store so that you will receive reliable assistance in setting up your phone service. Remember to carry your passport with you, as all mobile carriers are required to associate your ID with the account

3.8 Get a VPN

In China, access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp and Gmail websites is blocked by the government. Therefore, if you want your cell phone or laptop to return to your country in the same way when you visit China, you must install a reliable VPN on them. If you don’t know where you can find a stable VPN, Astrill seems to be a good choice. However, it’s not free, but it’s worthy.

Astrill VPN

3.9 Get an Interpreting App

If you are concerned about language barriers or cultural differences, all you need to do is download an interpreting app.

For this scene, I highly recommend the iFLY voice input application, which can translates Chinese to English in real time and is completely free.

Interpreting App iFLY China

4. 4 Secrets of Foshan Furniture Market You Should Know

4.1 Are All Stores Opened by the Factory?

Most of the stores are owned by individual businessmen, some are owned by trading companies, and some are factory direct. If you are not buying in bulk, in some cases you may be able to get a better price from them than buying from the factory.

There are some factory-direct stores. These factories are mainly located in Foshan Longjiang town and nearby cities. Other factories are located in Dongguan, Jiangmen and other cities.

If you are first time in Foshan, or if you don’t have much experience in importing, you will find it difficult to distinguish whether these are individual businessmen, trading companies or factories. Even though most booths claim they are manufacturers, in fact they are just middlemen.

4.2 Are the Products of Foshan of Poor Quality?

There are comments online said that the quality of the Foshan furniture they buy is poor. This is incorrect for the following reasons.

There are high, medium and low end products for all the markets, which correspond to different target markets. If they look for the cheapest furniture in the Foshan furniture market, the quality is of course low end.

One of Foshan’s top three exporting countries is the USA, and many high quality furniture is exported from China to the USA every year. Foshan also has some cheap furniture for developing countries, but it can’ t be said that all the furniture in Foshan is of poor quality.

In addition, many foreign designers will come to Foshan to purchase furniture. Because almost all of China’s furniture factories will showcase their products in Foshan.

4.3 Is the Foshan Wholesale Furniture Market Only Suitable for Small Businesses?

Many articles online say that the Foshan furniture market is only suitable for small businesses, Dongguan or other cities are more suitable for large orders. But the fact is that the Foshan market is suitable for all the orders.

For those who want to buy one piece of furniture from $1000 or more to 2-3 containers, this is the best place to purchase. Although you can buy 1 piece of furniture from the supplier, but the price will be much higher.

Usually, every furniture in the market requires production time. However, some of these furniture items will be in stock, so that you can purchase them in small quantities. But there are two conditions you should consider before buying stock.

The stock cannot be changed. All colours, fabrics and styles and packaging are consistent with the samples you see at the showroom. If you want custom furniture, you will have to buy it in bulk.

4.4 What is The Difference Between Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou?

Foshan, Guanghzou, Dongguan and Shenzhen are all large coastal cities in China and have seaports, which is a factor in their export advantage. This is the reason why most large international companies set up their sourcing or branch offices in these cities. In addition, there are various professional trading companies that provide better services.

For example, Foshan City has Gaoming Port, Sanshui Port and Jiujiang Port. In addition, Foshan is the largest wholesale furniture market in the whole China. You can find a lot of furniture supplied by Dongguan and Shenzhen in the Foshan wholesale furniture market.

5. How to Find Foshan Furniture Wholesale Market Suppliers?

No matter you go directly to the market, or go with an interpreter or agent, I suggest you compare as many suppliers as possible to determine the best price among them.

Usually, suppliers of the same product category are concentrated in the same area. You just need to look for similar suppliers.

If you are not familiar with the market, you can ask for help from sourcing agent. They can take you to the most popular stores based on your product category.

6. How to Communicate with Foshan Furniture Market Suppliers?

The wholesalers in the Foshan furniture market can only understand some basic English, such as how much, price, cheap, good quality and other simple English. When you see a product in the showroom, you can point it out with your finger. Then the supplier will use a calculator to show the price in RMB. It is important to note that the suppliers in the market only accept RMB and reject USD.

Because suppliers can only communicate in this simple way, if you want to buy a small amount of stock products, you only need to pay cash.

However, if you want to discuss with a supplier how a product is made, how to customize a product, or develop your product, you’d better get an interpreter or sourcing agent to help you communicate with the supplier.

The interpreter is mainly to help you communicate with suppliers in the furniture market. But as for the placing of orders, inspection and arrange shipping, it is not their job. The cost of an interpreter is about 200-300RMB per day, which is equivalent to 30-50 USD. At Rix Sourcing, we can also assign you an interpreter by clicking on the link to translate.

However, an interpreter can only help you communicate with suppliers and take you on a tour of the wholesale furniture market. If you need to purchase in bulk, customize products or arrange shipping to your country, you will need a sourcing agent.

7. Expert Tips for Dealing with Suppliers in The Foshan Furniture Market

7.1 Choose Furniture Supplier with Professional Categories

There are suppliers in the Foshan furniture market who specialize in one category, and some who do various categories of products at the same time. For example, some suppliers only sell dining tables, while some others sell multiple categories at the same time, such as dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, coffee tables, etc.

For professional suppliers, their prices are usually better, the quality of the products is more guaranteed, and the suppliers are more familiar with the products.

Suppliers that handle many categories often have many partner factories. Relatively speaking, suppliers who do various categories are not as professional as suppliers who specialize in only one category.

7.2 Confirm Product Quality

When purchasing from the Foshan furniture market, it is very important to emphasize to furniture suppliers that the quality of mass production must be the same as the samples. Never assume that if you place an order based on a sample you see on the market, the quality of your product will necessarily be the same as the sample.

The truth is that if you do not double check with your supplier, in most cases you will be surprised by the product you receive, which may be of a different material, size, weight or color from the sample.

Obviously, hiring a professional third-party furniture quality inspection company to help you do pre-shipment quality inspections, can better ensure that your products are without quality issues.

7.3 Negotiating Skills

For price negotiation, the price will not vary greatly for different quantities. Generally, quantities of about 500 pieces can be offered at a discounted price. Sometimes the supplier will give you a discount of about 3-5%.

Some customers think that if they ask the supplier directly if the price of 5,000 pieces will be lower, they can get a lower price of about 10-20%. But that’s not the truth, because even if it did, the price would still be the same as 500 pieces.

Because the profits of furniture factories are not too high, after all, there are so many furniture factories in Foshan, and the competition between them is very fierce. I don’t think any furniture factory will quote very high prices directly at the beginning to scare customers away.

8. How Do I Ship Furniture from Foshan to My Country?

Foshan is a coastal city in China and has a well developed logistics and transportation network. Here you have many options for delivery to your country. Generally, We ship furniture mainly by sea shipping. In addition there are express, air and train transport.


8.1 Shipping via Freight Forwarders

For furniture exported from Foshan, we usually choose sea shipping. In addition, freight forwarders also offer airfreight services, but the cost of airfreight is too expensive, so we normally do not choose it.

Some freight forwarders will tell you that they can ship to any country. In fact, they will only focus on a few countries. Therefore, if your country is not one of the countries they normally ship to, they will contact another freight forwarder to help with your shipment. They only act as a middleman. Then, the offer ends up much higher.

We recommend that you find the freight forwarder that specializes in your country. These companies can provide you with a complete quote for your country, including customs clearance.

The special line freight forwarders are experienced and can help you solve various problems in a more professional way. And many of these special line freight forwarders are opened by your countrymen in Guangzhou, so it will be more convenient to communicate.

8.2 Railway

If you are from a country along the China-Europe railway, you can also delivery your goods to your country by railway. Our customers in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus usually choose railway transportation.

8.3 Express Delivery

Express delivery is the fastest way, but also the most expensive way. Generally, the goods can be delivered directly to the address you provide within 3-5 days. Because the cost of express delivery is too high, it is not suitable for furniture products, and only for small, high-value goods.

9. What Can Foshan Sourcing Agents Do for Me?

When you come to Foshan, you will find a lot of sourcing agents around. The largest sourcing companies usually have at least 100 people, while the smallest is even a one-person company.

Different sourcing agents offer different types of services, depending on their capabilities and resources. We divide them into general services and value-added services.  

9.1 General Services Provided by Foshan Sourcing Agents

General service types are the types of services that most agents can provide, such as product sourcing, sample arrangements and shipping arrangements.

9.1.1 Supplier Sourcing

Foshan sourcing agents can not only help you find suppliers online, but also accompany you to visit wholesale furniture markets. With the local knowledge of Foshan agents, you can really benefit a lot.

In addition to helping you find suppliers within the Foshan furniture market, they can also help you purchase directly from furniture factories, greatly reducing your costs. Because the furniture market suppliers are not always factories, many are middlemen.

9.1.2 Sample Arrangement

If you are looking for some product designs, you can send the design pictures or website link to the sourcing agent. They can help you find suppliers from the market and request samples from them.

After the sample customization is completed, sourcing agent will arrange express delivery to your home.

9.1.3 Shipping Arrangements

Whether you are purchasing from one supplier or multiple suppliers in the Foshan market, Sourcing Agent can help you consolidate all your goods into one container. Normally, sourcing agents have extensive resources of freight forwarders or couriers, and can ship products at more competitive prices.

9.2 Value-added Services Provided by Foshan Sourcing Agents

Value-added services are some services range that only a few capable sourcing agents can provide. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose a reliable and experienced sourcing agent to help with your sourcing and exporting.

9.2.1 Free Warehousing

Not every sourcing agent has free warehousing services. Only the agents who have their own warehouses can offer such a service, like Rix Sourcing.

Rix Sourcing has large warehouses. Even if you use your own supplier, if you need a warehouse to store your goods for a period of time, you can deliver your goods to Rix Sourcing’s warehouse. And it’s free of charge for 2 months.

9.2.2 Quality Inspection

Another great benefit of hiring a sourcing agent is that they will do the pre-shipment inspection for you. If there is a quality issue, the sourcing agent can help you discuss it with the supplier, and ask them to rework or reproduce.

You may think you can hire a 3rd inspection company, however, their rate is quite high at $200 per person a day for each inspection. And they are only responsible for issuing inspection reports, and will not help you solve quality problems with suppliers.

9.2.3 Products Customization

The product customization process is very complex. Because furniture products have different materials and different structures. From design to production of the product involves many details and requires a lot of effort over a long time.

Therefore, it is best for you to find a sourcing agent who is experienced in product customization, and understands how it can make your ideas become a reality.

10. How to Find a Foshan Market Agent?

Considering the benefits and services you can expect from a Foshan agent, you may be wondering how to find a reliable agent before the furniture sourcing trips.

If you are abroad and want to find a good agent before starting furniture sourcing trips, then you can search “Foshan market agent” on Google, where you will find some Foshan agents. You can choose one of these after conducting online research. Because it is very difficult for you to see advertisements of marketing agents at airports, train stations or hotels in Foshan, it is recommended to make an appointment with the right agent in advance.

Here, I would also like to share something special with you. If you are a customer from the Middle East and Africa, then you can find someone who can help you import your products directly from Foshan to your country. They can communicate with you in Arabic, and they fully understand the situation in China and your country.

11. How Much Should I Pay for Foshan Agent Services?

This is a very interesting topic and one that foreigners who come to Foshan to purchase furniture are usually concerned about, especially for those importers who have no purchasing experience in Foshan.

There are too many agents in Guangzhou and Foshan. In fact, you won’t know how to choose the best agent. There are some agents who offer 0% commission to attract new clients. However, this is only a low-cost competitive marketing method. When you contact these companies, they secretly add the service fee to the product price.

Although there is no fixed industry standard in Guangzhou and Foshan, as far as I know, agents charge a service fee of about 3-10% which is more reasonable and reliable.

Thank you for reading this article.

We are Rix Sourcing, a leading sourcing company in Foshan, China. If you are looking for sourcing agent in Foshan or Guangzhou, welcome to contact us. Our sourcing specialists have over 10 years experiences in the furniture industry. We will provide you with the most competitive wholesale prices. You can get a one-stop service from sourcing furniture suppliers to exporting containers.

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