Top 5 Furniture Wholesale Online Sites In China: Full List & Top Picks

A quick Google search will provide so many articles listing a wide variety of Chinese furniture wholesale online sites that you’ll get dizzy from reading! You may even be misled by the incorrect information. In fact, there are only five major furniture wholesale websites in China.

The following are the main Chinese furniture wholesale websites and their related information:

1. Alibaba

Alibaba China Furniture Wholesale Online Sites

When it comes to wholesale furniture from China, almost everyone knows about Alibaba. Now let me tell you something from my own personal experience.

1) Supplier Type: Alibaba has a wide range of furniture wholesale suppliers. But for those who have no experience, it is difficult to distinguish the available furniture wholesale suppliers. Generally the furniture suppliers on Alibaba, there are furniture factories, furniture trading companies, and some are even one-person companies.

For beginners, there is no need to pay too much attention to the type of supplier you are dealing with. You should focus on your products, and as you gain more experience in dealing with various furniture wholesale suppliers, it will be a natural measure of who you are buying from.

2) MOQ: Generally furniture factory will have a MOQ. But the furniture suppliers on Alibaba sometimes also accept retail, however, the price will be relatively much higher.

I can’t tell you the exact minimum order size on Alibaba because it varies by furniture category and process. It doesn’t make sense to give you a minimum order size that is too wide ranging from $500 to $5000.

3) Communication: There is an online chat tool called TradeManager on Alibaba, you can communicate with your suppliers at any time. You need to download TradeManger to communicate with your suppliers.

In addition, you can contact them via email, phone, WeChat, Whatsapp, etc. You can also submit your inquiry through Alibaba RFQ and Alibaba will automatically assign the best supplier to contact you.

4) Payment Method: Alibaba has a commodity channel for buyers and sellers, called Trade Assurance. It is very easy to operate and because of Alibaba’s endorsement, many buyers trust it.

5) Shipping Method: Alibaba has its own international logistics service, you can communicate with them online. They will send your products to Alibaba’s partner warehouses (by air, by sea and by express) at a discounted price.

Usually, when you make an inquiry for a product, the supplier will also provide you with a shipping plan. If you have your own freight forwarder, you can make comparisons at this time.

For example, if you have a 40′ container, you would choose to ship by sea. In this case, while you can get a discounted price on Alibaba, your furniture wholesale supplier may be able to find a cheaper sea freight quote through their freight forwarder.

As a reminder, when working with a furniture wholesale supplier for the first time, you should stay cautious even if they offer you a cheap price ocean freight. Too many shipments have been detained by customs due to unprofessional freight forwarders.

6) Consideration for Alibaba: On Alibaba, if the quality of the products you receive is different from the samples sent by the supplier, you can request a refund in the Trade Assurance Order.

But first, the buyer and seller must negotiate on the matter. If negotiations fail, please do not worry; Alibaba’s customer service will intervene. Both parties should provide evidence, including:

  1. Sales contract.
  2. Both sides of the email.
  3. Other information proves the supplier’s breach of trust.

Therefore, you should be reminded that when communicating with suppliers, it is best to use Alibaba’s online chat, emails, etc. and keep records to use as evidence in case of problems. However, trivial matters should only be discussed by phone or voice call.

Brief Summary

SuppliersFactories and Trading Companies
CommunicationLeave a message online, but communicate mainly by email. You can also ask to use Whatsapp or WeChat for better communication.
Payment MethodWire Transfer, Alibaba Trade Assurance
ShippingThe supplier will arrange shipping by sea, air and express

In addition, many buyers are concerned about the security of Alibaba. In fact, there is no need to worry about the environment of Alibaba. You just need to pay more attention to some issues and risks of furniture wholesale suppliers.

2. Rix Sourcing

Rix Sourcing China Furniture Wholesale Online Sites

There are tens of thousands of suppliers on furniture wholesale websites in China, and you need to choose a reliable supplier yourself. If you are unsure which furniture manufacturer is right for you, you can ask for help from a sourcing company such as Rix Sourcing.

Rix Sourcing is a professional sourcing company based in Foshan, China. They help different companies to wholesale and customize all kinds of building materials products from China, such as furniture, cabinets, tiles, mosaics, lighting, etc.

1) Supplier Type: Rix Sourcing has a rich resource of factories in China, some of which may be difficult to find on Alibaba or any other Chinese furniture wholesale website. They have access to small workshops and large professional factories.

Some large factories may not focus on online marketing because they may only specialize in manufacturing products for certain brands. Therefore, even if they are professional enough, you will not find them on furniture wholesale websites in China. With strong technology and equipment, they can manufacture high quality products.

In contrast, small workshops cannot produce products of perfect quality, but they may offer very low prices. If you want an average quality product with an affordable price, you can choose a small workshop.

If you can’t choose a furniture wholesale supplier, you can send samples to Rix Sourcing and tell them your budget. Then, they can ask different factories to make samples of different prices and quality at the same time. Finally, you can choose the most suitable product according to your budget and requirements.

2) Communication: All Rix Sourcing agents can communicate with you in very fluent English. If you want to wholesale or customize furniture from China, you can contact them via email or Whatsapp and their specialists will help you.

3) Shipping Method: Rix Sourcing can provide most of the transportation methods such as sea, air and train. In addition, they work with several logistics companies and can provide the best logistics solutions at competitive prices depending on the destination and product.

Brief Summary:

 Rix Sourcing
SuppliersFactories of different sizes
Payment MethodsWire Transfer, L/C, Western Union
ShippingThey can arrange the best solution according to your order, including sea, air or train

3. Global Sources and Made in China

Global Sources China Furniture Wholesale Online

1) Supplier Type: The suppliers of Global Sources and Made in China are generally factories and large trading companies. It is difficult for small trading companies to enter the market because it requires more capital.

Their products are sold in bulk and each product has a very low profit margin. As a result, there is not much difference in price between Global Sources and made in China.

Suppliers on the platform will accept OEM and ODM as long as the order quantity meets their MOQ. They also accept customization.

2) MOQ: Usually, the MOQ is a few hundred. However, it also varies by product category. If the supplier has stock, only a low MOQ is required.

3) Communication: You can get in touch with the supplier via live chat or by sending an inquiry on both websites. If you want to send more important details to your suppliers, I recommend you to use Send Inquiry.

4) Payment Method: Regarding the payment method, you can negotiate with the supplier. Different orders may use different payment methods. Usually, for large shipments such as furniture, use T/T or L/C.

5) Shipping Method: On Global Sources and Made in China, the supplier will recommend you to ship your products by sea or air. The delivery takes a long time. Normally, the shipping time from China to the US or Europe is about 30-40 days.

6) Reflections on Global Resources and Made in China: After negotiating with a furniture wholesale supplier, a formal contract needs to be signed. Because Global Sources and Made in China are just a bridge to your inquiry. Signing a contract specifying the order details makes the transaction more secure.

Brief Summary:

 Made in China & Global Sources
SuppliersFactories and Trading Companies
Payment MethodsWire Transfer, L/C, Western Union
ShippingThe supplier will arrange shipping by sea or air.

4. 1688

1688 China Furniture Wholesale Online

1688 is a wholesale website focusing on the Chinese market. It is only available in Chinese, you need to use Google Translate plugin to translate the page into English. However, there are still some troubles when using 1688.

Here is some information to give you a better understanding of 1688:

1) Supplier Type: Not all suppliers on 1688 are Chinese factories. There are both Chinese trading companies and factories on 1688, similar to sites like Alibaba.

2) Communication style: Most of the suppliers do not speak English. Once you find their phone number, you can contact them using WeChat.

3) Payment Method: Most suppliers only support RMB payment. You can only pay via Alipay, WeChat and China Internet Banking.

4) Shipping Method: 1688 only supports domestic shipping in China, they will not help you to export your products to foreign countries. It is better for you to find a sourcing agent or freight forwarder to help you ship your products.

5) Reflections on 1688: All in all, there are still many restrictions on buying from 1688 for foreigners outside of China. You will need to overcome language barriers, shipping and payment hassles. In addition, the products on 1688 are more suitable for Chinese consumers due to cultural differences.

Brief Summary:

SuppliersFactories and Trading Companies
CommunicationThe supplier does not speak English
Payment methodOnly accept RMB Payment
ShippingOnly available for domestic shipping in China

5. Alibaba & Rix Sourcing

Alibaba and Rix Sourcing

I listed the characteristics of both Alibaba and Rix Sourcing. But many people do not know the connection between them. There is no need to worry. I will compare them from different aspects.

1) Different Business Models

Alibaba and Rix Sourcing are both reliable e-commerce platforms. The biggest difference between them is the business model. Alibaba is a platform on which various traders/factories sell their products, and you need to take the time to choose the right furniture supplier for yourself. And Rix Sourcing is a direct deal with quality furniture factories, helping you save a lot of time in screening quality furniture suppliers.

Therefore, when trading with Alibaba, you will need to deal with many different furniture wholesale suppliers, and there is a chance that you will meet the bad furniture wholesale suppliers. In this case, if you want a trusted China sourcing agent to help you with everything in China, it’ s best that you choose Rix Sourcing. In this way, you only need to focus on your sales.

2) Payment Method

Alibaba and Rix Sourcing both support traditional payment methods such as T/T, L/C, etc. In addition, Alibaba has its own secure payment system, Trade Assurance. The transaction fee charged by Trade Assurance to sellers is 3% of the total order amount. There are no fees for buyers. Although it is said that the buyer does not have to pay money, this fee is actually included in the selling price.

3) Shipping Method

Alibaba and Rix Sourcing are relatively similar in shipping methods. They will provide some freight forwarding quotes. If you have your own freight forwarder, you can also compare prices and choose the cheaper one.

6. Alibaba vs Made in China vs Global Sources

These three furniture wholesale sites have some commonalities, such as suppliers, product categories, shipping methods, payment methods, etc., but there are still some small differences.

1) Business Model

There are both trading companies and factories on these B2B platforms. You can find the same furniture wholesale suppliers on different platforms. But on Made in China, you can only find Chinese furniture wholesale suppliers. And on the other two sites, you can find suppliers from other countries.

2) Product Categories

You can find a wide range of products on all three B2B platforms. However, Global Sources focuses on electronics, auto parts and widgets. In contrast, Made in China focuses on machinery, electronics, etc. If you want to source furniture, Alibaba is still recommended.

3) MOQ

On all B2B platforms, you can place small or large orders. If you need custom furniture products, the three sites have a higher MOQ. If the supplier has enough stock, you can negotiate with them for a smaller MOQ. However, in general, most suppliers on Made in China and Global Sources have set higher MOQ.

In summary, when you are choosing between these three furniture wholesale sites, it is best to compare all aspects to see which one is better for your business. You should also focus on products and furniture wholesale suppliers.

7. 4 Tips for Dealing with Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in China

1) Verify the Reliability of Furniture Wholesale Suppliers from China

There are a few basic things you should consider when verifying a furniture wholesale supplier from China.

First of all, you should check the background of the furniture wholesale suppliers from China. You can check their business license, product certificate, etc. If they have a website on Google or Alibaba, you can browse the site for more information.

Then, if you want to order in bulk, you should always ask for samples beforehand. In case you find any problems with the sample, you should have your furniture wholesale supplier fix it and make another one immediately.

In addition, during the cooperation process, you can verify that they are professional and responsible enough. If you think you are not communicating well with your furniture wholesale supplier, or even indifferent to your order, you might consider looking for other China furniture wholesale suppliers.

2) Balance the Quality and Price of Furniture Wholesale Suppliers in China

There is no doubt that everyone wants to find the lowest price to increase their profits. But I bet you won’t buy a product below market price, because low price sometimes brings some problems.

Let me tell you a case. One of my USA customers wanted to buy microfiber leather sofa from us. After we received the inquiry, we compared the prices of several furniture factories, and quoted the customer a relatively competitive price. But the customer thought our supplier’s quote was too high. Therefore, he found another supplier who offered prices much lower than us. But in the end, he received some bad quality products and had to ask us for advice.

From this case we know that it is essential to balance the quality and price of the product. Otherwise, you may lose more by just looking for the lowest price.

3) Use the Resources of Chinese Furniture Wholesale Suppliers

If you have a long-term relationship with a furniture wholesale supplier from China, you can turn to them for other help, not just buying products. They can act like your sourcing agent in China and you can save time and effort in sourcing products and suppliers.

In addition, if you want to develop a new design or customize an existing product, you can also ask them for advice.

Because these furniture wholesale suppliers deal with different customers, they are familiar with the latest trends in the furniture industry, and can give you some ideas.

8. FAQs About Furniture Wholesale Websites In China

1) What is the Best Chinese Furniture Wholesale Website?

Many people want to know which is the best website for wholesale furniture from China. in fact, there is no such thing as the “best” website. You can find very little difference between these sites. It all depends on your needs.

If you really don’t know, I suggest you consider using Alibaba for your business. A more user-friendly interface, rich product images, and detailed product specifications for buyers’ convenience.

In addition, whether you want to buy furniture for personal use or furniture wholesale business, whether in small or large quantities, you can find it on Alibaba. If you place a larger order, you can also negotiate prices with furniture wholesale suppliers.

In short, you can choose the website according to your requirements. You should focus more on furniture wholesale suppliers and products rather than choosing a website.

2) How to Identify Suppliers on Furniture Wholesale Websites in China?

When first looking for a furniture wholesale supplier, you can see if they have an extensive product list, HD product images and detailed specifications. However, this is not the only rule to identify furniture wholesale suppliers as you should still check the quality of the real product.

Some furniture wholesale suppliers will give you a perfect impression before you work with them. But in the end, they may not provide you with the same products as the pictures or samples, and they will not provide you with a very professional and responsible service.

Therefore, it is better for you to place a small order to determine if they are the right furniture wholesale supplier. During the cooperation, you can check whether they can provide quality products, as well as fast, professional and responsible service. After the first order, you can get to know the furniture supplier, and then decide whether you want to cooperate further.

The End

If anything in the guide is confusing to you, you can leave a comment below. I would like to hear from you as soon as possible and I will reply here. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends or social communities.

If you want to wholesale furniture from China at competitive prices, please feel free to contact our furniture sourcing agents.

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