Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in China: Full List & Top Picks

The top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China continue to lead the industry forward. According to a report by the Centre for Industrial Research (CSIL) in Milan, Italy, the total value of global office furniture reached $53 billion in 2021. The Asia Pacific is the main production area of office furniture, accounting for 47% of global office furniture production, with China as the main producer, the next is North America (28%) and Europe (19%). In addition, China has the advantages of a rich labour force and perfect manufacturing chain, responding to the industrial transfer and becoming the most important office furniture production base globally.

This article is aimed to help B2B buyers and sellers understand the context of the Chinese office furniture market. Rix Sourcing is already helping the top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China make connections. See how Rix Sourcing can help you too.

1. List of Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in China

China’s top 10 office furniture manufacturers have dominated the Chinese office furniture market for decades, mainly led by the leading office furniture manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions.

Who are the top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China? The following office furniture companies list is ranked based on extensive research by Rix term.

RankBest ManufacturersRegistered Capital
1AURORA53 million
2SUNON34 million
3QUAMA46 million
4Victory20.5 million
5LAMEX17.7 million
6SAOSEN32.3 million
7CJF34 million
8Kinwai50 million
9HUASHENG30.8 million
10ONLEAD28.5 million


AURORA high-quality office furniture Manufacturers

Development: AURORA Group has been working in the office products industry for over 50 years, ranking No. 1 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. AURORA Office Furniture started operating in mainland China in 1995, as one of the core businesses of the AURORA Group. The plant was established in 1996 in Jiading District, Shanghai, with a total production base area of 242,000 square meters.

The AURORA office furniture distribution network has spread to all major cities in China, with hundreds of distribution centers and approximately 1,300 employees in total. In addition, Cooperating customers include GE, LG, P&G Group, Microsoft, Lenovo, Sina, Baidu, Wal-Mart, Sony, Coca-Cola, KFC, and other famous enterprises.

Features: Except for independent design and development, AURORA cooperates with international masters and has won many international awards and honors, such as the iF Design Award in Germany, the IDEA International Design Excellence Award in the United States, the Red Star Award, and the Cotton Tree Award.

AURORA is one of the leading of office furniture manufacturers in China, and its specialty is steel products and screen products, but chairs are not the strong point of AURORA. Because in the office furniture industry, buyers usually only focus on the desk spots, alignment layout, and other aspects, the chair is purchased as an accessory to the desk.

AURORA produces the following products:
– Office Furniture
– School Furniture
– Hospital Furniture

Visit AURORA website


SUNON office furniture Manufacturers

Development: Sunon is a leading office furniture supplier in China, established in Hangzhou in 1991, ranking No. 2 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. Nowadays, Sunon currently has one headquarters in Hangzhou CBD and four bases (Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Hangzhou Qiantang District, Jiaxing Haining, and Office Science & Technology Park), with over 600,000 square meters.

As an expert in the office furniture industry, Sunon is always looking for innovative and smart ways to perfect its products to serve customers’ needs. Till now, Sunon has served 160+ global fortune 500 clients, including Google, Coca-Cola, Alibaba, Siemens, Huawei, etc.

Features: Sunon introduced advanced automatic production lines from Germany and Italy, and manufactures with German process standards. By cooperating with ITO, F&P, and other famous design institutions, the products developed by Sunon have won more than 30 design awards in Europe and America, such as the IF Design Award, A’Design Award Gold Award, IDEA Design Excellence Award, etc.

Whether you are an employee or employer, and whether for work, meetings, training, or leisure, Sunon can create the best office furniture for you.

The Company produces the following products:
– Office Chair
– Office Sofa
– Office Table
– Office File Cabinets
– Office Workstations

Visit SUNON website


QUAMA guangzhou office furniture supplier

Development: Established in 1993 and based in Guangzhou, QUAMA Furniture Group is a large-scale furniture manufacturer, ranking No. 3 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. Meanwhile, their products cover office furniture, hotel furniture, and villa furniture, and they have two high-end furniture brands, “QUAMA” and “EGO.” Moreover, QUAMA currently has over 3,000 employees and an annual production capacity of over US$150 million. Nowadays, QUAMA has professional production bases in Guangzhou and Foshan with a total area of over 500,000 square meters, and its products are sold well in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, including the United States, Germany, Japan, and the Middle East.

Features: QUAMA Furniture has obtained: GB/T28001-2011 Health and Safety Management System Certification, CAT Quality Certification, CQC Quality, and Environmental Protection Certification, and USA BIFMA Office Furniture Certification. As a result, QUAMA has become a valued office furniture supplier of many famous enterprises in China and abroad.

The Company produces the following products:
– Office Chair
– Office Sofa
– Office Table
– Conference Table
– Office File Cabinets
– Office Workstations

Visit QUAMA website

4) Victory

Victory high-end office furniture Manufacturers

Development: Founded in 1990 in Guangzhou, China, Victory has a history of 31 years, ranking No. 4 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. Over the past three decades, Victory has always maintained its commitment to providing every customer with high-quality, durable, and well-designed office furniture.

Nowadays, The Guangzhou Industrial Park of Victory Group was opened in May 2009, covering a total area of 100,000 square meters. In addition, All the office furniture production equipment in the Industrial Park is provided by the world’s leading woodworking furniture equipment manufacturers ( such as Germany’s HOMAG and Japan’s Armada ).

Features: Victory has more than 130 patents, and has passed TUV Rheinland IS9001:2008 certification, ISO14001:2004 certification, GB/T28001-2011 certification, China Environmental Labeling Product (ten rings) certification, the whole series of furniture products passed the U.S. GREENGUARD Certification.

In addition, Victory understands the client’s needs by analyzing their workflow and fulfilling their expectations with interior designers, furniture designers, delivery and installation teams. Innovation has always been one of Victory’s core values.

The Company produces the following products:
– Office Chairs
– Office Sofas
– Office Tables
– Conference Tables
– Reception Desks
– Office File Cabinets
– Office Workstations

Visit Victory website


LAMEX high-end office furniture Manufacturers

Development: Founded in Hong Kong in 1977, Lamex has been a pioneer in the office furniture market, ranking No. 5 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. As one of China’s leading suppliers of comprehensive office furniture solutions, Lamex operates showrooms and sales offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Chongqing, as well as supporting dealer partners in China.

Lamex’s manufacturing plants are the most modern in China and Asia. In addition to housing Lamex’s product design, manufacturing, and testing facilities, this state-of-the-art plant is also the site of warehousing, management, and training functions.

In 2006, Lamex became a member of HNI Corporation, one of the world’s largest office furniture manufacturers. Since then, Maxxis has successfully combined the best of East and West to become the leading workplace solutions provider in Asia. More than just an office furniture manufacturer, Lamex has become a company passionate about changing the environment in which people work.

Features: Lamex is a pioneer in designing, manufacturing, and distributing workspace solutions. Lamex relies on a strict quality assurance system to check and balance throughout the manufacturing process. They are ISO certified and manufactured by North American ANSI/BIFMA quality standards.

The Company produces the following products:
– Office Chairs
– Office Sofas
– Office Tables
– Executive Desk
– Conference Tables
– Office Workstations
– Height Adjustable Desk

Visit LAMEX website


SAOSEN office furniture Manufacturers

Development: Founded in 1984, Saosen Furniture has developed into an office furniture manufacturer with a full range of product lines, ranking No. 6 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. Meanwhile, Saosen has its own plant of 250,000 square meters, and automated production lines with German, Italian, and Swiss advanced production equipment. Saosen Furniture provides the world with real eco-friendly furniture.

The innovative product design enables Saosen furniture to export to more than 30 countries overseas. In addition, Saosen wins many important awards, making “Saosen furniture” one of the top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China.

In 2013, Saosen Furniture officially became a qualified supplier of IKEA (Sweden).

Features: In 2007, Saosen invested more than 100 million in equipment and successfully developed the eco-friendly MDF coating process, combined with the high-quality painting process that has been recognized in the industry, enabling Saosen to become the founder of the “free formaldehyde” furniture eco-friendly standard in China.

Saosen Furniture has successfully applied the eco-friendly powder coating process to office furniture, residential furniture, kids’ furniture, medical and education, decoration, and building materials.

The Company produces the following products:
– Office Desk
– Office Chair
– Conference Table
– Height Adjustable Desk
– Training Table
– File Cabinet

Visit SAOSEN website

7) CJF

CJF office furniture supplier Manufacturers

Development: Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co., Ltd (CJF) was established in 1986 with 27 million Hong Kong dollars registered capital, ranking No. 7 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. CJF has more than 1,000 employees. Its headquarters is located in the Changjiang Center Building in the central district of Longhua, Shenzhen, and has a large-scale furniture production base of 300,000 square meters in Heyuan High-tech Zone, Guangdong, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion RMB.

Features: “Quality first, customer first, win reputation, hold innovation” is the quality policy that CJF always insists on, and actively promotes ISO9001, ISO14001 management system, China environmental labeling (ten ring certification), CQC, and the occupational health and safety management system in the industry and obtains the certification.

Nowadays, the CJF Heyuan factory has stepped into the intelligent manufacturing process, and this high-tech equipment provides a strong guarantee for excellent quality.

The Company produces the following products:
– Executive Desk
– Office Chair
– Conference Table
– Sofa/Table
– File Cabinet
– Work Station
– Medical Furniture
– Hotel Furniture

Visit CJF website

8) Kinwai

Kinwai office furniture china Manufacturers

Development: In 1993, Kinwai China established a production base in Jiangmen, Guangdong, which covers 500,000 square meters for panel furniture and upholstered furniture, ranking No. 8 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China.

Meanwhile, Kinwai is the first to introduce the latest professional manufacturing equipment from Germany, the United States, and Italy. Such a world-class production capacity helps China’s furniture industry enter the age of industrialized mass production.

Features: Kinwai has been providing high-quality products and customized consulting solutions for the top 500 enterprises and government agencies both domestically and abroad. In addition, Kinwai has won the “Chinese environment mark, ISO14001 environment system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, and GREENGUARD certification.

Kinwai has focused on R&D and production of office furniture for 25 years, with a sales network covering more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. It is an excellent office furniture supplier in China.

The Company produces the following products:
– Home Furniture
– Office Furniture
– Upholstered Furniture

Visit Kinwai website


Huasheng office furniture Manufacturers china

Development: Founded in 2004, Zhongshan Huasheng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise specialized in medium and high-grade office furniture, ranking No. 9 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. The company has a modern production plant of 160,000 sqm and 1600 highly skilled employees. In addition, It owns four major brands of office furniture, such as “WOSEN,” “Wadan,” “GOJO” and “Songdian”, as well as eight marketing centers for hotel villa and medical furniture. Moreover, the brand “WOSEN” was awarded as “Guangdong Famous Brand Product.”

Features: Huasheng furniture is one of the powerful office furniture manufacturers in China , introducing several production lines from Germany, mainly producing solid wood paint office furniture, panel screen office furniture, and upholstery office furniture. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSMS 18000. It has also obtained a series of authorized testing certifications in the furniture industry, such as China’s ten rings certification, CQC certification, and BIFMA in the United States.

The Company produces the following products:
– Office Desk
– Office Chair
– Conference Table
– Sofa
– File Cabinet
– School Furniture
– Hospital Furniture

Visit HUASHENG website


Onlead China office furniture manufacturers

Development: Founded in 1996, ONLEAD Group is the first professional modern office furniture manufacturer, ranking No. 10 on the list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers in China. More than 20 years involved in the office furniture industry, the company has HEADWAY, ONLEAD, and other office furniture brands. Moreover, ONLEAD has three manufacturing bases in East China, South China, and Central China, boasting a strong manufacturing capacity.

Features: ONLEAD uses Forest Certification (FSC) wood, environmental friendly coatings, and strict quality control of the entire process to create eco-friendly premium office furniture products. Nowadays, ONLEAD has won the favour of many Fortune 500 companies, and has provided one-stop business space solutions for Siemens, Coca-Cola, DuPont, ABB, Sinopec, and other companies.

The Company produces the following products:
– Work Stations
– Executive Desk
– Conference Table
– Office Chair
– Office Sofa
– File Cabinet
– School Furniture
– Hospital Furniture

Visit ONLEAD website

2. Where are the Chinese office furniture manufacturers located?

china office furniture indstry zone

Pearl River Delta Industrial Region

With Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan as the main cities, the Pearl River Delta region is China’s largest industrial zone for office furniture. This region has rich labor resources and a complete industrial supply chain. Furniture production value accounts for 1/3 of China, and products are mainly exported to the North American market. Among them, Foshan Le Cong Town is the furniture trade capital in China, and Longjiang Town is the leading office furniture production area.

Yangtze River Delta Industrial Region

The Yangtze River Delta region mainly includes Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang, and other cities. Among them, Yuhuan’s European classical office furniture, Anji’s office chairs, and Haining’s office sofa is pretty famous. The output value of furniture in this region is also 1/3 of China, mainly exported to the European and American markets. Office furniture in the Yangtze River Delta is of good quality and high-end.

Northeast industrial Region

The northeast industrial Region is mainly concentrated in Shenyang and Dalian. Shenyang is China’s northeast office furniture distribution center; Dalian Zhuanghe is China’s largest solid wood office furniture production base. The Northeast industrial zone focus on solid wood furniture production, products are mainly exported to Northeast Asia and the European market.

Bohai Sea industrial region

Bohai Sea industrial region is mainly concentrated in Tianjin, Hebei, and Shandong. Among them, Shengfang City’s fibreglass office furniture is popular in Southeast Asia; Jinan City is the key production base for upholstered office furniture, solid wood office furniture, and panel office furniture. This region has a long history of office furniture manufacturing, and the industrial chain is perfect. The product is mainly for domestic sales.

3. Where Can Find Reliable Office Furniture Manufacturers in China?

buy office furniture from Alibaba

1. B2B marketplaces

Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Sources are popular sites for importers searching for office furniture suppliers and manufacturers in China. Among them, Alibaba mainly focuses on the light industry and consumer goods, including office furniture. Due to the relatively low entry barrier of Alibaba, if sellers want to open a store on it, they only need to pay an annual fee of 4800USD. However, many suppliers hope to get customers with low prices, and the quality of the product at the low price may not meet your expectations.

China International Furniture Expo CIFF office furniture

2. CIFF Phase II

CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) Phase II mainly showcases office furniture, hotel furniture, office accessories, steel furniture, office chairs, public furniture, furniture production equipment, and materials.

In addition, CIFF is the largest furniture exhibition in the world and is known as “Asia’s home furnishing trading center.” If you are a professional buyer of office furniture, how can you miss this show?

Offie Furniture Market in china

3. Foshan Furniture Market

Foshan Le Cong Furniture Market is the first professional furniture market in China. It is currently the largest furniture distribution center in the world, extending for more than 10 kilometers along National Highway 325. Lecong Furniture Market also enjoys the reputation of “China’s home furnishing trade and innovation capital,” which brings over 180 home furnishing malls to the city.

Many shopping malls in Foshan Le Cong Furniture Market have office furniture brands, such as Louvre International Furniture Expo Center, Nanhua Furniture City, Tuan Yi International Office Furniture City, Ju Long Furniture City, Sunlink Furniture City, etc.

furniture quality checking and inspection guangzhou

4. Sourcing agent

A Foshan sourcing agent is your best choice when you require office furniture manufactured to exact specifications. Sourcing agents in China are fluent in Mandarin, so you can overcome the language barrier and convey your requirements clearly to your suppliers.

While your product is in production, the sourcing agent will visit the factory to closely inspect the production quality. Once your product is finished, the sourcing agent will revisit the factory to do a pre-shipment inspection to ensure that the product you receive has no quality issues. If quality problems are found, the sourcing agent will communicate with the supplier to resolve the quality issues for your benefit and conduct another quality inspection after the product rework is completed.

After the container is successfully delivered, the sourcing agent will provide relevant import documents and compliance certificates to ensure the customs clearance is successfully done.

When you work with a sourcing agent, you get full support throughout the entire purchasing process. If you want to do well on your first import and build long-term relationships with your suppliers, hiring a professional sourcing agent is the right choice.

5. Google

Google search for Chinese office furniture suppliers seems to be a logical approach. Chinese office furniture suppliers have a presence on commercial websites and social media. Usually, they have generic names on social media channels. For example, searching with specific keywords can quickly find relevant suppliers, such as “China + office furniture suppliers” or “China + office furniture manufacturers.”

Most English office furniture supplier websites are traders and not manufacturers. It is important to know the authenticity of the manufacturer’s website. You may be able to get a quick quote and get a sample, then fly to China to visit the factory.

4. A Complete Guide for Sourcing Office Furniture in China!

Fast evolution of office furniture help companies create ideal office space and let the office people appreciate the happy office. As a result, office furniture procurement has become an essential part of office decoration. Compared to the past only look at the budget quote to now consider the style, process, and after-sales, the procurement of office furniture is increasingly important. This section shares with you the most comprehensive guide to office furniture procurement, as a reminder of what you should pay attention to in purchasing office furniture.

Chinese Office Furniture factory

1) Confirm the Office Area Before Purchasing Office Furniture from China

With the development of e-commerce technology, many companies will prefer to purchase office furniture online. The selection and quantity of office furniture are closely related to the office area. For example, suppose the space is counted small and the additional office furniture is purchased later on. In that case, you may meet the problem of shortage of raw materials, which leads to office furniture not all available in time, which in turn affects the office decoration. Therefore, it is best to measure the office area in advance to avoid unnecessary loss of time and property.

Chinese Office Furniture supplier

2) Preferred multifunctional design for office furniture procurement

At present, the hybrid office is becoming a major trend in office mode, so in office furniture procurement, please consider the multifunctional design of office furniture. For example, with the storage function of the writing whiteboard, you can flexibly place office objects; another example is the office desk that can be transformed and restructured, which can adapt to the different office areas.

Chinese Office Furniture Vendor

3) Recommend to choose the disassemble office furniture for small volume purchasing

It is recommended to choose the disassembled office furniture for some small purchases. It is very easy to complete the disassembly according to the instructions. In addition, because this type of office furniture is usually modular design, in later maintenance, replacing spare parts will also be very convenient.

Chinese Office Furniture distributor

4) Recommended purchasing in sets

Obviously, purchasing a single category of office furniture cannot create a functional office space. For example, in the pantry, we need coffee tables, coffee tables, pillows, etc.; in the training space, in addition to the purchase of training tables and chairs, we also need to purchase writing whiteboards, display cabinets, and other associated office furniture.

Therefore, when you need to purchase a certain type of office furniture, you can combine the function of the space, and try to put the associated furniture into the purchase list. In this way, the visual style is more consistent, and also has the opportunity to use the “bundled price” to complete the purchasing of office furniture, more cost-effective.

Finally, it is recommended to choose office furniture manufacturers in China who can provide customized services, combining the space function, to create a wonderful working space.

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