Top 10 Tile Manufacturers in China: Full List & Top Picks

China is the world’s largest exporter of tiles, accounting for about a quarter of global tile exports. According to the MECS research report “Tiles and Panels in China”, the production capacity of 2,275 production lines operated by 1,161 tile manufacturers in China reaches 12.4 billion m² in 2021. It is worth mentioning that markets such as the US, EU and India impose anti-dumping duty on tiles from China. Even so, Chinese tiles are still very attractive due to their good quality and competitive prices.

Therefore, we have recently done a lot of research and interviewed several veterans with 10 to 20 years of experience in the tile industry. Finally concluded this post on the top 10 tile manufacturers in China. Every tile supplier listed is a company with a large tile factory in China. They offer OEM / ODM tiles to their customers, and adhere to international quality standards to ensure consistency in the supply of their products.

In this article, we introduce the well-known tile manufacturers in China. There are also tile suppliers for small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to import tile from China, you can contact us. Our team will help you find the best tile manufacturers in China and provide you with the most competitive prices according to your business model.

1. Top 10 Tile Manufacturers in China

RankBest ManufacturersBest For
1Dongpeng CeramicsPolished Glazed Porcelain Tiles
2NewPearl CeramicsMarble Tiles
3MONALISAPorcelain Slab
4Marco Polo CeramicsRustic Tiles
5Hongyu CeramicsMarble Tiles
6Xinzhongyuan CeramicsPorcelain Slabs
7Eagle Brand CeramicsPolished Porcelain Tiles
8Shuncheng CeramicsPorcelain Slabs
9Oceano CeramicsMarble Tiles
10KITO CeramicsModern Rustic Tiles

No.1: Dongpeng Ceramics

DONG PENG Ceramics  Logo
DONG PENG Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Dongpeng Ceramics was founded in 1972 and its headquarters is located in Foshan, China, ranking No. 1 on the list of the top 10 tile manufacturers in China. Dongpeng is a brand founded by Mr He Xinming in 1996, the main business includes tile, sanitary ware, wood flooring, green materials, and home furnishing.

At present, Dongpeng has 10 tile products production base in China. In addition, Dongpeng Ceramics has 7,000 tile and bathroom stores in China, and its products are sold to 100 countries over the world, including countries with high quality standards such as Canada, Australia and the United States.

Nowadays, Dongpeng has become a well-known tile brand representing quality in China. In addition, Dongpeng ceramics attends the world’s top ceramic exhibition, Bologna, Italy every year on behalf of Chinese ceramics.

It is worth mentioning that Foshan’s China Ceramic City and CCIH market, are owned by Dongpeng Ceramics group.


Strong Capacity, Advanced Equipment. The annual production capacity of Dongpeng ceramics has reached 50 million square meters. In addition, Dongpeng has Italian Sacmi Ph 7200-ton press machine, 1200×1800 large polishing machine and 180m-long modern high-tech kiln, advanced equipment can ensure to provide customers with top-grade products.

High Quality Standards. In order to maintain the good quality and stability of its products, Dongpeng Ceramics ensures that its products are made from the finest raw materials. With advanced equipment and ISO9001:2000 quality management system, each piece of tile produced by Dongpeng is tested by international standards to ensure that its dimensions, water absorption, flatness and other technical parameters reach international standards.

World Class Projects. Dongpeng Ceramics’ products have been used in high-profile projects such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing National Grand Theater, Daxing International Airport and Mexico-Cancun International Airport.

Dongpeng Ceramics produces the following products:
– Air Purifying Tiles
– Porcelain Slab
– Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Rustic Tiles
– Double Loading Tiles

Visit Dongpeng Ceramics website

No.2: NewPearl Ceramics Group

NEW PEARL Ceramics Logo
NEW PEARL Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: The NewPearl Ceramics Group was established in 1992, headquartered in Foshan Huaxia Ceramic Exhibition City, and is the leader of China’s ceramic industry chain, ranking No. 2 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. NewPearl Ceramics started from a small factory and has developed into a modern enterprise specializing in the production of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles and sanitary ware.

At present, New Pearl Ceramic Group has built 4 modern industrial parks in Foshan, Zhaoqing, Jiangxi, and Hubei. The industrial park has more than 50 automatic intelligent production lines with an annual production capacity of over 200 million square meters, the capacity scale is in the leading position in the industry.

New Pearl Group owns “GUANZHU CERAMICS”, “SUMMIT CERAMICS”, ” GELAISI CERAMICS ” and “HUIWANJIA”, which are the “500 Most Valuable Brands in China” with a total brand value of over 100 billion. New Pearl has abundant marketing channels and customer resources, with products exported to more than 50 countries and regions, more than 3,000 distributors, and more than 6,000 stores.


King of China Tiles. Mr Delin Ye, president of New Pearl Ceramic Group, is known as the king of China tiles, which shows the power of New Pearl Group.

Strong Capacity. Currently, New Pearl Ceramic Group has more than 20,000 employees. In addition, the annual output of tiles is over 200 million square meters and sanitary ware is over 1.5 million pieces.

Advanced Production Equipment. New Pearl Ceramics Group has introduced advanced production equipment such as Italy SYSTEM 30,000 tons press machine, SYSTEM inkjet printer, Airpower glaze spraying equipment, 20-channel digital inkjet printer, and has the world’s longest 415.8 meters double-layer kiln porcelain slab production line.

New Pearl Ceramics produces the following products:
– Porcelain Panel | Thin Tiles
– Porcelain Slab
– Big Slab
– Double Loading Tiles | Unglazed Porcelain Tiles
– Marble Tiles | Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Rustic Tiles | Glazed Tiles
– Ceramic Wall Tiles
– Sanitary Ware

Visit New Pearl Ceramics website


MONALISA Slab tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Monalisa Tile Group was founded in 1992 and its headquarters is located in Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. Monalisa Tile is a high-tech tiles manufacturer listed in the stock market, ranking No. 3 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. At present, Monalisa Tile Group has 10 holding companies and 4 modern production facilities for building ceramics.

Monalisa Tile Group has 37 production lines in Foshan, Qingyuan, Tengxian of Guangxi and Gaoan of Jiangxi, producing such products as porcelain tiles, and porcelain slabs (thin tiles, large tiles and porcelain slabs).


Porcelain Thin Tile Experts. Early in 2007, Monalisa Tile launched 1800×900×5.5 (mm) porcelain thin slabs, which is an innovative product in the building ceramics industry for more than 30 years. Monalisa Tile is the expert of porcelain thin tiles in China with leading technology.

In March 2021, Monalisa Tile Group launched 9,000×1,800×10.5 (mm) larger porcelain slabs, reaching a new height of porcelain slabs in China.

Multi-brand Operation, Strong Marketing Network. Monalisa Group has three brands, Mona Lisa, QD and Merqi. Over the years, Monalisa Tile has established more than 4,000 stores in China.

Experienced in Projects. Monalisa Tile has established strategic partnership with nearly 100 large real estate developers such as Cinnamon Park, Vanke, Poly and China Overseas. Over the years, Monalisa Group has participated in the construction of Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and other key projects at home and abroad.

Monalisa Tile produces the following products:
– Porcelain Panel | Thin Tiles
– Porcelain Slab
– Double Loading Tiles | Unglazed Porcelain Tiles
– Marble Look Porelain Tiles | Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Rustic Tiles | Glazed Tlies

Visit MONALISA Ceramics website

No.4: Marco Polo Ceramics

Marco Polo Tiles Logo
Marco Polo ceramics wonderful Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Marco Polo Ceramic, founded in 1988, is a brand of Dongguan City Wonderful Ceramics Co., Ltd, a large tile manufacturer and supplier in China, ranking No. 4 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. In addition, Marco Polo is one of the top 500 industrial enterprises in China.

As one of the largest ceramic manufacturers and sellers in China, Marco Polo has five large production bases in Dongguan, Qingyuan, Jiangxi, Chongqing, and Tennessee, USA. Marco Polo has an annual capacity of 200 million SQM, and has a basic technology R&D department and an excellent design team.

Up to now, Marco Polo tiles have built thousands of stores at home and abroad, and products exported to more than 130 countries and regions around the world. In addition, Marco Polo is a strategic cooperative brand of Poly, China Shipping, Vanke, China Merchants and other real estate companies, and its products have completed Chinese key projects such as Olympic Games, World Expo, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Beijing Daxing International Airport.


Rustic Tile Expert. Marco Polo is the first Chinese brand to introduce and produce rustic tiles, and enjoys the reputation of being the Rustic Tile Expert.

First Chinese Tile Manufacturer to Build a Factory in the USA. In 2017, with the opening of the U.S. production base, Marco Polo became the first Chinese ceramic manufacturer to build a factory in the United States.

Focus on Product Development. From the earliest developer of anti-slip floor tiles, to the inventor of rustic tiles, to the trend-setting manufacturer of large-size porcelain panels, Marco Polo has been renowned for its R&D-driven capabilities.

Marco Polo Ceramics produces the following products:
– Rustic Tiles
– Marble Tiles | Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Double Loading Polished Tile | Unglazed Porcelain Tiles
– Ceramic Wall Tiles
– Full Body Tiles
– Big Slab
– Granite Tiles
– Non Rectified Tiles

Visit Marco Polo Ceramics website

No.5: Hongyu Ceramics Group

HONGYU Ceramics Logo
HONGYU Top 10 Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Hongyu Ceramics, founded in 1997 and located in Foshan, Guangdong, is the first brand of Hongyu Group, ranking No. 5 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. In 1997, Hongyu bought a factory in Foshan to focus on the production of square bricks, thus entering the ceramic industry.

Hongyu ceramics has built three production bases five modern factories in Foshan, Qingyuan and Guangxi, and successively launched 5 ceramic brands including HONGYU, WINTO, VENIZEA, KMY and ITTO. Hongyu Ceramics introduces advanced equipment from Italy, and adopts international leading inkjet and roller printing technology, and all technical indexes of the products are higher than the national standard.

After years of steady development, Hongyu brand is well known at home and abroad, and its products are widely used in large projects such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Olympic Village, Guangzhou Asian Games Village, Shanghai World Expo Park, etc. It has also become a strategic partner and high-quality material supplier of top 100 real estate developers in China.


Three Intelligent Production Bases. Hongyu ceramics has three production bases, large-scale production capacity, imported high-quality equipment and glaze, quality assurance.

Technical Strength. Hongyu Ceramics has global intelligent automatic tile production lines, advanced production equipment from Italy and Spain to guarantee the output of high quality products.

Tile Standard-setting Enterprise in China. Hongyu Ceramics is one of the “Tile standard-setting enterprise” in ceramic industry.

Hongyu Ceramics produces the following products:
– Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Porcelain Slabs
– Double Loading Tiles
– Rustic Tiles
– Full Body Tiles
– Wooden Tiles
– Ceramic Wall Tiles
– Square Bricks
– Supermarket tiles

Visit Hongyu Ceramics website

No.6: Xinzhongyuan Ceramics

NEW ZHONG YUAN Ceramics Logo
New Zhong Yuan Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Guangdong Xinzhongyuan ceramics was founded in 1984, the marketing headquarters is located in “China’s biggest ceramic town” Foshan Nanzhuang town, ranked No. 6 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. Xinzhongyuan Ceramics has 9 large modern ceramic production factories located in Guangdong, Jiangxi and Hunan, as well as overseas in Uzbekistan and Philippines. Xinzhongyuan ceramics has more than 2,000 stores in China, overseas marketing network covering over 120 countries and regions, and is currently one of the largest exporters of building materials manufacturers in China.

Xinzhongyuan Ceramics always insists on enterprise management and technological innovation. The company has passed dozens of authoritative certifications such as ISO9001:2000 quality management system, ISO14001:1996 environmental management system and China National Compulsory Product CCC Certification.


Super Gloss Technology / Nano Technology. In 2005, Xinzhongyuan ceramics launched polished tile “Super Gloss” technology. Super Gloss technology is to form a protective layer in the tile body, its material particle size is as small as nano level, completely fills the pores and micro cracks of the tile surface, so that the polished tile produced by this technology has stain resistance, wear resistance and high gloss.

Super Gloss technology has successfully solved the two major problems in producing polished tiles, including stain penetration and low gloss, and improved the overall technical level of polished tiles in China.

Xinzhongyuan Thin Tiles. The large size of 900mm×1800mm pure color full body thin tile and granite thin tile produced by Xinzhongyuan ceramics is only 5.5 mm thickness.

Multi-brand Development Strategy. In 1999, Xinzhongyuan Ceramics launched three new brands, becoming the first tile manufacturer in China to implement a multi-brand development strategy.

Xinzhongyuan Ceramics produces the following products:
– Porcelain Slabs
– Porcelain Panel
– Rustic Tiles
– Thin Tiles
– Glazed Polished Tiles
– Micro Crystal Tiles
– Double Loading Tiles
– Ceramic Wall Tiles

Visit Xinzhongyuan Ceramics website

No.7: Eagle Brand Ceramics

EAGLE BRAND Ceramics Logo
EAGLE BRAND Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Guangdong Eagle Brand Ceramics Group, founded in 1974, and headquartered in “China’s Ceramic Capital”- Foshan, Guangdong, ranking No. 7 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. Eagle Group has three famous ceramic brands: “Eagle Ceramics”, ” Hopo Ceramics” and “Eagle 2086”, and its products are exported to over 100 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Italy and France. Eagle Ceramics’ products are widely used in key projects of the government, high-end offices, high-end residential areas, star hotels and homes.


Souble Salt Porcelain Tiles. In 1994, Eagle Ceramics successfully developed 600 x 600mm Souble Salt Porcelain Tiles. Even today, Souble Salt tiles are still very popular in the markets of Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

Representing China at the Bologna Ceramic Fair in Italy. Since 1998, Eagle Ceramics has been representing Chinese ceramic enterprises to attend the Bologna Ceramic Fair in Italy. In addition, Eagle ceramics enjoys the reputation “the world polished tile to see China, China polished tile to see Eagle “.

Strong Production Capacity. Eagle Ceramics’ factory is located in Heyuan, Guangdong, with advanced Italian tile manufacturing equipment and an annual output of over 30 million square meters.

Eagle Brand Ceramics produces the following products:
– Porcelain Slabs
– Polished Porcelain Tiles
– Marble Tiles
– Rustic Tile
– Porcelain Slab

Visit Eagle Brand Ceramics website

No.8: Shuncheng Ceramics Group

SHUNCHENG Ceramics Logo
SHUNCHENG Top 10 Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Guangdong Shuncheng Ceramics Group, established in 1998 in Foshan, Guangdong, and ranks No. 8 on the list of the top 10 tile manufacturers in China. Shuncheng Ceramics Group has seven major ceramic brands including Shunhui, Wangzhe, Baite, Meitao, Juncheng, Senic and BTP. In addition, Shuncheng Ceramics has more than 9,000 brand stores and 20,000 sales outlets in China.

Shuncheng Ceramics is a powerful tile manufacturer in China. The interesting thing is that many people outside the ceramic industry do not know about Shuncheng Ceramics.


Super Factory. Shuncheng Ceramics Group has 3 modern production bases, total area over 2.6 square kilometers, 40 large modern intelligent production lines, annual production capacity over 120 million square meters, able to satisfy the long-term sustainable and stable supply of large projects and home customization projects.

Intelligent Production Lines. Shuncheng Ceramics has established long-term strategic cooperation with excellent enterprises in Spain, Italy, Germany, including SACMI, Esmalglass-itaca, System, German Sima, CRUSE, SMARTECH.

Author of Porcelain Slab Standard in China. Shuncheng Ceramics has rich experience in manufacturing porcelain slab. In addition, Shuncheng Ceramics is the main author of porcelain slab standard in China.

Shuncheng Ceramics produces the following products:
– Porcelain Slabs
– Porcelain Thin Tiles
– Porcelain Polished Tiles
– Double Loading Polished Tiles
– Marble Tiles
– Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Rustic Tiles
– Micro Crystal tiles
– Ceramic Wall Tiles

Visit Shuncheng Ceramics website

No.9: Oceano Ceramics

OCEANO Ceramics Logo
OCEANO Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Foshan Oceano Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, mainly engaged in the production of high-end porcelain tiles, ranking No. 9 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. As a listed company in China’s ceramic industry, Oceano Ceramics has set the brand development strategy as “leading high-end brand” since its birth.

In addition, Oceano Ceramics has become the preferred supplier of China’s top 500 real estate enterprises with its high quality products and efficient delivery capability.


Product Innovation Ability. Oceano Ceramics has an internationally advanced ceramic R&D center with 600 staffs. From Pulati Tiles, Platinum Tiles, to Oceano Porcelain Slab, the launch of each generation of Oceano ‘s products has pushed the technological update of the ceramic industry in China.

Manufacturing Capability. Oceano Ceramics has 3 intelligent production bases in Foshan, Jiangxi and Guangxi, with an annual output of over 165 million square meters.

Advanced Production Equipment. Oceano Ceramics has introduced advanced production equipment such as System 30,000-ton porcelain slab press machines and System 28-channel digital inkjet equipment.

Oceano Ceramics produces the following products:
– Porcelain Slabs
– Porcelain Polished Tiles
– Double Loading Polished Tiles
– Marble Tiles
– Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles
– Rustic Tiles

Visit Oceano Ceramics website

No.10: KITO Ceramics

KITO Ceramics Logo
KITO Top 10 Rustic Tile Manufacturers in China

Development: Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and established the international brand KITO, ranking No. 10 on the list of top 10 tile manufacturers in China. KITO ceramics is not only the leader of classic rustic tiles, but also the pioneer of modern rustic tiles. Currently, KITO Ceramics has 3 large production bases and 10 tile production lines.

Today, KITO Ceramics has 1,800 stores in China, and its products not only cover the Chinese market, but also are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In addition, KITO Ceramics’s products have been applied in famous projects such as Beijing Daxing Airport, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and Milan World Expo.


Modern Rustic Tile Specialist. KITO ceramic tile is the first enterprise in China to develop and promote modern rustic tiles. With over 10 years of development, KITO has mastered many industry-leading manufacturing processes and technologies.

Interceramic’s Chinese Partners. KITO Tile has deeply cooperated with Interceramic, the largest ceramic operator in North America, for product and supply chain in-depth development.

400 Innovation Patents. KITO Tile always insists on scientific and technological innovation and leading product R&D. It has set up a post-doctoral research station and now has more than 400 innovative patents.

KITO Ceramics produces the following products:
– Modern Rustic Tiles
– 2cm Outdoor Tiles
– Porcelain Tiles
– Porcelain Slabs
– Bathroom Ceramic Tiles
– Kitchen Tiles
– Screen Block

Visit KITO Ceramics website

2. Where are the Tile Manufacturers Located in China?

When it comes to China’s tile manufacturing production regions, people in the tile industry normally think of these areas: Guangdong Foshan, Jiangxi Gaoan, Fujian Jinjiang, Shandong Zibo, Guangxi Tengxian.

Where are the tile manufacturers located in China

2.1 Guangdong Foshan

Guangdong, the total annual production capacity of ceramic tiles in 2021 was 3.144 billion square meters. Meanwhile, India, the world’s second largest tile producer, has a total annual tile production capacity of just over 1 billion square meters. The production capacity of Guangdong ceramic tiles is in a leading position all over the world, roughly accounting for about 15% of the world.

In addition, Guangdong is the largest production area of porcelain slabs, polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, rustic tiles, and ceramic wall tiles in China.

2.2 Jiangxi Gaoan

Jiangxi Gaoan, benefit from the transfer of the Guangdong tile industry, after more than ten years of development, has become one of the largest tile production areas in China.

2.3 Fujian Jinjiang

Jinjiang, Fujian is a traditional tile producing area and is still one of the largest tile producing areas in China. In addition, Fujian is the largest production area of exterior wall tiles and paving tiles in China.

2.4 Shandong Zibo

Shandong Zibo is also a traditional tile producing area in China. However, in the past few years, the scale of production capacity has been significantly compressed due to the impact of the policies such as environmental control and “coal-to-gas” policy.

2.5 Guangxi Tengxian

Guangxi Tengxian is a rising star in the tile manufacturing industry of China. In recent years, after the continuous introduction of Monalisa, Oceano, GANI and other well-known ceramics enterprises, the scale of the industry has expanded rapidly, and has now become the 5th largest tile production area in China.

3. Types of Tiles Made in China

Every home decoration needs to use tiles, but what kind of tiles should we buy? When we walk into a tile store with a wide range of tiles, we don’t know which one to buy. It is because we do not understand the characteristics of these tiles and will feel that each tile is similar. However, it does not matter if you do not know about it, so today I will introduce you to the types of tiles produced in China, and let’s take a look at what features these tiles have.

3.1 Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles China

Polished glazed porcelain tiles combine the brightness of polished tiles, and the good looking and durable of glazed tiles, the disadvantage is that they are not wear-resistant as polished tiles.

It should be noted that because the transparent glaze layer on the surface of polished glazed porcelain tiles is very thin, after polishing, the surface will have water waves, but this is not a quality problem. Some powerful factories will make the glaze layer thicker, the water wave phenomenon will be greatly reduced, or even can not see.

If you need to wholesale and import high quality polished glazed porcelain tiles from China, you can contact us. Our team has many years of experience in exporting tiles in Foshan and has many quality tile factory resources.

3.2 Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles China

Marble tiles can actually be categorized as polished glazed porcelain tiles, only the surface added sinking glaze process. However, marble tiles with sunken texture on the surface are not very popular in markets outside of China, because people are concerned that the sunken texture are not easy to clean.

Full body marble tiles, tile body also with texture (known as full body in the industry), more suitable for secondary processing.

3.3 Rusitc Tiles

Rusitc Tiles China

Rustic tiles have enriched color patterns, added glazing and other processes, belong to the matte surface glazed tiles. The rustic tiles on the market are divided into semi-porcelain (water absorption 0.5-3%), and porcelain (water absorption ≤ 0.5%). It is certainly that porcelain rustic tiles will be of better quality, but the price will be higher.

Currently, modern rustic tiles, cement rustic tiles, are very popular in the market.

3.4 Porcelain Slab

Sintered Stone China

Porcelain slab is a new product in recent years and is very popular in the market. Almost every powerful Chinese tile factory has porcelain slab production line.

The porcelain slab slabs are fired at over 1200 degrees, and have excellent physical and chemical properties. Therefore porcelain slab can be applied to a wide range of deep processing methods, and can be processed into furniture table tops, island tables, etc.

In addition to the performance index, porcelain slab have a core feature is full body, so that the processing application same as natural stone, can be cut, polished, grinding processing in any dimension.

3.5 Polished Tiles

Double Loading Polished Tiles China

According to the different of color and process, polished tiles are mainly divided into Souble Salt polished tiles and Double Loading polished tiles.

Souble Salt polished tiles are infiltrated with Souble Salt ink into the tile body, So the tile surface pattern is wear-resistant. The ivory white tiles, which are very popular in the Southeast Asian market, are Souble Salt polished tiles.

Double Loading polished tiles, the tile body is separated into 2 layers, the surface is a layer of finer powder material, pressed by 7200 tons of press machines. The color of the Double Loading polished tile is the color of the powder, so it is very wear-resistant.

The Double Loading polished tiles are currently available in designs such as Super White, Crystal White, Pulati, Line Stone. Because the double loading tile is no longer popular in the Chinese market, many designs was discontinued.

3.6 Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic Wall tile China

Ceramic wall tile has the characteristics of high water absorption and low hardness, its water absorption rate is relatively high, easy to pave on the wall, and low cost, widely used in kitchen and bathroom walls. Ceramic wall tile has been known as the interior wall tile.

The water absorption rate of ceramic wall tile is 6% to 10%. Before installing kitchen and bathroom wall tile, the ceramic wall tile needs to be soaked in water. The purpose is to let the ceramic wall tile itself absorb water, after the installation on the wall, will not absorb the water inside the cement, avoid falling and stick relatively firm.

In addition, the subway tile, which is very popular in the market, is also a ceramic tile. The subway tiles are available in sizes of 100×300,75×300,75×150 and so on. Because of its simple design, the subway tile is favored by designers.

Subway Tile China

4. Where Can I Find Tile Manufacturers in China?

There are usually 4 ways to find tile manufacturers from China:

  • 1 Come to China, visit the ceramic market in Foshan and find tile manufacturers. Such as China Ceramic City, Huaxia Ceramic City, CCIH, Foshan Ceramics International Trading Center.
  • 2 Visit China yourself, attend the China tile Fair to find the tile manufacturers and visit their factories, such as Foshan CERAMBATH fair, Canton Fair.
  • 3 Sourcing tile manufacturers online through B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Made In China.
  • 4 Purchasing tiles by a professional tile sourcing agent

Huaxia Ceramic Fair China Foshan

If conditions permit, we sincerely recommend that you come to China and visit Chinese tile suppliers directly. Because only in this way, you can see or touch the tiles with your own eyes, confirm its colour and quality, and know how it will look in your home or office. Also, tile factories usually set up different scenes in their showrooms to display their tile samples.

In case you are unable to come to China, or lack of experience in sourcing tiles, then hiring a reliable and experienced tile sourcing agent or sourcing office is usually your best option. Because they can help you with all the details of importing tile from China, from sourcing the tile suppliers, negotiating prices, to following up orders for production, pre-shipment inspections, and handling import documents.

5. Wholesale Price of Tiles Imported From China

If you visit the wholesale tile online platform in China you will quickly notice that different tiles in China have different prices.

But the good news is that there is not much difference in the price of the same type of tiles. Usually, the price difference is about 10% or less.

Alibaba Tile Manufacturers

On the other hand, polished glazed tiles are more expensive than polished tiles. This is because the surface of the polished glazed tile is the glaze layer, the pattern is inkjet printing, and the process is more complex than polished tiles.

In addition, porcelain slabs are expensive, with prices usually ranging from 25-40USD/SQM. Also, there can be differences in price between different tile Manufacturers. Usually, porcelain slab is aimed at high-end consumer groups.

In the past, I have discussed prices with many tile suppliers in China. They said the 600×600 polished glazed tiles have three price levels at the moment. The prices are 4USD/SQM, 5USD/SQM and 7USD/SQM.

Based on the supplier’s experience, they said most customers prefer to buy polished glazed tiles at a wholesale price of around 5 USD/SQM. This is because low price usually means low quality, and eventually you may going to face customer complaints. That is why most customers do not choose the lowest priced tiles.

Alibaba Tile Suppliers

The main reason for the price difference is mainly the difference in tile manufacturers. And different tile manufacturers use different raw materials, glazes, ceramic clay and production equipment will be different.

The main difference between tiles is their design, surface treatment and flatness. For the cheap price tiles, there are usually flatness problems. When using these tiles with poor flatness on the floor, the floor will appear unflat.

But for the common consumer, they are more focused on buying tiles with stable quality.

With so many tile designs available in the Chinese market, you need to look for the right material, the quality should be good and the customer’s demand should be met. Finally, the most popular porcelain slab usually costs around 25-40USD/SQM. And polished glazed tiles usually cost over 4USD/SQM.

6. How to Choose Good Quality Tiles From China?

Before importing tiles from China, we need to know some knowledge of tile quality.

6.1 Tiles Quality Grade

Tile factories in China will classify tiles into 2 levels, AAA and AA. The difference between these 2 levels is as follows:

  • AAA, Frist Choose. First choose tiles meet all parameters of the standard, and the tile surface is without any defects.
  • AA, Second Choose. Second choose tiles will have some small problems, such as slight defects on the surface, bad flatness, slight breakage at the edge position, colour shade problems, size problems, etc.

It is recommended to buy AAA grade tiles, and try to avoid buying defective products.

6.2 Water Absorption

Water absorption is the basis of tile quality, the lower the water absorption, the better the other properties such as strength and density.

How to check the water absorption? Pour water on the back of the tile, if it spreads quickly, it means that the water absorption rate is high. Tile with high water absorption rate can be used in the toilet and bathroom.

TIle Water Absorption check

6.3 Size

Measure the dimensions of the tiles on 4 sides, the parameters must be within the tolerance range. And measure the length of the two diagonal lines, if the length is equal then the four corners of the tile are right angles.

Tile Size Inspection

6.4 Flatness

Flatness is an important factor of tile quality. If the tiles flatness is good, then the paving effect is good. The tiles with good flatness, and there is no arching or concave phenomenon after installation.

There is a very simple way to check the flatness of tiles: Put 2 tiles face to face, then check if there is a gap between the tiles. The smaller the gap, the better.

Tile Flatness Inspection2
Tile Flatness Inspection1
flatness check

6.5 Stain Resistance

When the tile surface is stained with dirt, if it is easy to wash off, then the stain resistance is good.

The tile stain resistance test is very simple, just use an oil-based pen, draw a marker on the surface of the tile, wait 3 minutes after the ink dries, and then wipe with a rag or paper towel to see if it is easy to clean off.

Tile Stain Resistance Inspection

6.6 Glossy

For tiles with polished surfaces, the glossiness is also one of the important parameters of quality. A good quality polished tile should have a gloss level of 85 degrees or more.

Tile Glossy Inspection

7. Tile Trends in 2022

7.1 Large Size Tiles

Compared to small size tiles, large Size tiles can carry more elements and patterns. Large size tiles of different thicknesses enable countless applications and designs. Currently, in the Chinese market, sizes such as 750x1500mm and 900x1800mm tiles are very popular and very competitively priced.

Large Size Tiles China

7.2 Porcelain Slab

Compared to porcelain tiles, porcelain slabs are only used in a small part for wall and floor decoration, and are more often used in home customization. As the production process of porcelain slab becomes more and more mature, regular sizes such as 1200×2400mm and 1600×3200mm are very popular in the market.

In addition to the traditional stone texture, wooden grain, cloth grain, leather grain, metal rust grain, and jade grain are also used on the surface of porcelain slab, further enriching the selection of porcelain slab.

Sintered Stone China

7.3 Infinite Continuous Pattern Tiles

Infinite continuous pattern tiles allow the veins of each tile connected to the surrounding tiles, creating a large extension of the textures.

No matter public places or home decoration, especially villas and commercial spaces, the infinite continuous pattern tiles can meet the needs of customers and are popular with designers.

However, the infinite continuous pattern tiles need to be installed correctly, the arrow on the back of each tile must be in the same direction, otherwise, the texture will not be connected.

Infinite Continuous Pattern Tiles China

8. How to Ship Tiles from China?

Sea freight is the most common way of shipping tiles from China, as it is the cheapest. Another reason is that the weight of tiles is too heavy. A big difference from courier companies is that the shipping and customs process for sea freight is not operated by a single large company like DHL.

Tiles Container Loading

Instead, you or tile manufacturers in China will need to find a freight forwarder. They handle things like finding a truck to pick up the goods at the tile manufacturer’s warehouse, booking a container from a shipping company, finding a customs broker, completing the import/export process, and finding a truck to deliver from the port to your warehouse. This is the whole process of sea shipping.

For sea freight, all products are shipped by container. There are two most commonly used containers, 20″ and 40″. Their shipment volume is 28CBM and 68CBM. However, normally tiles are shipped in 20″ heavy containers, still for the same reason, the weight is too heavy.

8.1 What is The Cost of Sea Freight?

According to the process, there are land transportation costs from the tile manufacturer to the seaport in China, export costs, sea transportation costs, import costs, seaport costs in your country/region and land transportation to your warehouse.

Shipping Tiles From China

When you ask your freight forwarder for a quote, they may give you a cost breakdown like this.

Tile China Sea Freight Breakdown

Sea freight is only a small part of the total. There are many other costs that occur at the port of destination, during the import process, and for land transportation to your address.

If we look into the sea freight part alone, suppose we are transporting a 2″ container from a Chinese port to South Africa. The cost is usually around $2,000, but goes up to $2,500 during the peak season in the month before the Chinese New Year.

The cost of sea freight is influenced by many factors, but you only need a general idea of the total cost of shipping from China to your door.

Note: The above prices are for reference only before the epidemic, and global shipping changes very much in 2021-2022. If you need a recent reference, please visit to check it out.

8.2 How Long Does It Take for Sea Freight to Arrive?

As the cheapest and slowest shipping option, how long does it take to get from a seaport in China to home delivery?


In addition to the time spent at sea, the complex import process is also to blame. Before arrival, don’t forget to consider the delivery schedule of the land transport.

It’s Your Turn

Before importing tiles from China, do careful research, and compare different tile manufacturers in China in order to make an intelligent decision.

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