How to Wholesale Coffee Tables from China?

Do you want to import coffee tables from China?

With years of experience in the furniture business, I can happily say that wholesale coffee tables from China are a great choice in the furniture category, especially natural marble coffee tables and sintered stone coffee tables. There are various china coffee table suppliers and coffee table manufacturers offering a wide range of quality coffee tables at good prices.

Because I have a lot of expertise in the furniture industry, I would like to share with you some knowledge about wholesale coffee tables from China. In fact, you can easily understand from the following points.

1. Different Types of Coffee Tables That You Can Choose

In China, coffee tables are available in different materials, but are divided into six main categories. These are:

  • Natural Marble Coffee Tables
  • Sintered Stone Coffee Tables
  • Artificial Marble Coffee Tables
  • Metal Coffee Tables
  • Glass Coffee Tables
  • Wooden Coffee Tables

Different types of coffee tables in China have different features and are designed for specific groups of customers. If you are able to understand the different features, then it will be easy for you to find the best China coffee tables for your target customers.

If you are wondering which type of coffee tables to get for your beloved customers, then keep on reading …

Marble Coffee Tables wholesale China

1.1 Natural Marble Coffee Tables

Regarding the natural marble coffee tables, each piece of natural marble has a unique natural vein and colour. High quality marble coffee tables will use the whole raw stone and cut into different parts.

The Italian light luxury style coffee tables, which are very popular in the market now, are made of luxury marble, including Patagonia, Palissandro Blue, Amazon Green, etc. There are other popular natural marble coffee tables, such as Bianco Carrara, Pink Onyx, Laurenk Gold, etc.

Sintered Stone Coffee Tables wholesale China

1.2 Sintered Stone Coffee Tables

In recent years, sintered stone as new material is popular in the market, and is widely used in furniture manufacturing. Such as sintered stone coffee tables, sintered stone dining tables, etc.

The main material of sintered stone is clay + stone powder, which is compacted by a 10,000-ton press and finally fired at 1300 degrees. In fact, you can define sintered stone as a high quality tile.

The sintered stone coffee tables have the following features:

  • Fire resistant and high temperature resistant
  • Antibacterial, easy to clean
  • Scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant

Artificial Marble Coffee Tables factory China

1.3 Artificial Marble Coffee Tables

Artificial marble is made of cheap non-patterned marble as the base material, with the natural marble pattern sticker on the surface, then laminated on the surface, and polished. Artificial marble coffee tables are poor transparency and without gloss.

Each piece of artificial marble coffee table is the same pattern, the same colour. The wholesale price of artificial marble coffee tables is much lower than that of natural marble coffee tables.

Due to the appearance of the sintered stone, the sintered stone coffee tables have slowly replaced the artificial marble coffee tables. At present, there are not many factories that produce artificial marble coffee tables in the market.

Metal Coffee Tables manufacturer China

1.4 Metal Coffee Tables

The common metal coffee table materials are copper and stainless steel. Metal coffee tables are strong and usually lighter than wooden coffee tables. The coffee table manufacturers in China can easily machine the metal into any shape. Coffee table manufacturers in China value the metal material because it allows for thinner legs and support structures.

Consumers prefer metal coffee tables that resist stains or water stains, and are always cool to the touch.

Glass Coffee Tables manufacturer China

1.5 Glass Coffee Tables

It looks especially amazing when the crystal glass combinate with the support structure. The glass coffee tables adds visual space and a luxurious shine to the room. However, the disadvantage of glass coffee tables is that it is not resistant to stains, and any stains will be clearly seen.

Wooden Coffee Tables factory China

1.6 Wooden Coffee Tables

Wood is the most classic furniture material. Wooden coffee tables are available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Coffee table manufacturers and consumers love this material because it is warm, versatile and long-lasting.

The most popular types of hardwoods used for coffee tables are oak, walnut, maple and mahogany. And Cedar and pine are the most common types of softwoods.

Each piece of natural wood has its own different veins and textures. This is an irreplaceable feature of the wooden coffee tables.

2. Selection of Coffee Table Legs

In China, coffee table legs are also available in different materials, mainly metal and solid wood.

Metal Coffee Table Legs China

2.1 Metal Coffee Table Legs

The following are the characteristics of various metal coffee table legs:

  • 304 stainless steel electroplated titanium coffee table legs, which belongs to the high-end, the feature is the paint will not peel off.
  • Carbon steel coffee table legs, good support and flexibility, the feature is cost-effective.
  • Aluminum alloy coffee table legs is uncommon, the features is simple shape, but the support is not very good
  • Iron coffee table legs, which are used only for low-end coffee tables. The feature of iron coffee table legs is that it will rust and the paint will easily fall off.

Price: stainless steel > aluminum alloy > carbon steel > iron

2.2 Solid Wood Coffee Table Legs

The common types of wood used as coffee table legs are ash wood and walnut wood.

Price: walnut wood > ash wood

If you are interested in the various types of coffee tables that we have discussed above, then you can give it a try and start your wholesale coffee tables import business from China.

3. The Normal Price of Wholesale Coffee Tables from China

If you visit the online B2B platform of the Chinese wholesale furniture market, you will quickly notice that different coffee tables in China have different prices. The prices of coffee tables in China are generally divided into two.

But the good news is that there is not a huge difference in the price of coffee tables made of the same material.

Coffee Tables price Alibaba-2

On the other hand, natural marble coffee tables are more expensive than sintered stone coffee tables. This is because of the scarcity of natural marble, and the sintered stone is mass-produced by tile factories. This is the reason why the cost of natural marble coffee tables is much higher than sintered stone coffee tables.

In addition, natural marble coffee tables are expensive, with prices usually ranging from $500-1000. Also, there can be a huge difference in price between different kinds of natural marble coffee tables. Usually, natural marble coffee tables are aimed at high-end consumer groups.

In the past, I have discussed prices with many coffee table suppliers in the Chinese wholesale furniture market. They said the sintered stone coffee tables have three price levels at the moment. The prices are $50, $80 and $150.

Based on the supplier’s experience, they said most customers prefer to buy sintered stone coffee tables at a wholesale price of around $80. This is because low price usually means low quality, and eventually you are going to face customer complaints. That is why most customers do not choose the lowest priced coffee tables.

Coffee Tables price Alibaba-1

For example, a mid-range sintered stone coffee table sells for about $80 in China. However, you may also come across some sintered stone coffee tables that have the same design but sell at up to $150.

The main reason for the price difference is mainly the difference between sintered stone manufacturers. The price of the sintered stone made in Italy will be much higher than those made in China.

The main difference between sintered stones is their design and surface treatment. For customers who are looking for a better life, they will prefer the more expensive Italian sintered stone coffee tables.

But for the common consumer, they are more focused on buying the sintered stone coffee tables with practical functions.

With so many coffee table designs available in the Chinese market, you need to look for the right material, the quality should be good and the customer’s demand should be met. Finally, the most popular sintered stone coffee tables usually cost around $80-$150. And natural marble coffee tables usually cost over $500.

4. Common Mistakes of Novice Coffee Tables Importers

4.1 Non-Chinese Brands Coffee Tables From China

If you are familiar with the various coffee table brands offered in the market today, then I am sure you have heard of the Baxter ICARO coffee tables, the Minotti Wedge coffee tables and the Turri Eclipse coffee tables. These are some of the most popular coffee table furniture brands in the world. In addition, most of these furniture brands have factories in China.

Many of my clients always want to know if I can find these furniture factories and work with them at the same time. In addition, they wanted to know if the quality of the coffee tables was similar to that of the Baxter. And if so, could they put their own brand on the coffee tables and sell it at a lower price than Baxter, thus attracting more customers?

Minotti Wedge coffee tables China

Of course, this is not true at all! Only someone who doesn’t understand China’s trade policy would think so. Think about it, if the wholesale coffee tables from China is so simple, then many people can easily make money just by following this practice. But this is not the case, because there are rules that need to be followed.

In fact, it is very challenging to find a famous brand furniture OEM factory in China. This is unless you have a contact at such a furniture factory. If not, then you may not be able to contact these furniture OEM factories at all.

Even if you contact the normal sourcing companies you see, they still can’t help you source from OEM furniture factories. The main challenge is that these furniture OEM factories do not advertise themselves. As a result, it is difficult for the sourcing companies or you to find them.

Of course, as a sourcing company with over 10 years of experience in furniture sourcing. We have the resources of these furniture factories, if you want to import this kind of coffee table from China, welcome to contact us.

However, if you are lucky enough to find these furniture OEMs through special channels and get in touch with them, the results are not so good. This is because these furniture factories usually prefer to work with large, well-known brands, and their MOQ is usually very high. Therefore, buying from them will require a lot of funds, which may cost you a considerable amount of money.

4.2 Famous brand Coffee Tables in China

The procedure of wholesale Italian famous coffee table brands from China is very challenging. Is it possible to directly wholesale some well-known China coffee table brands, such as KUKA and Qumei from China to overseas?

Famous brands Coffee Tables in China

Well! It is a pity to inform you that this method is also not practicable.

This is because these Chinese furniture brands do not advertise themselves to overseas markets. Their brands are only famous in China, while in your country, no one even knows these brands. Because these Chinese brand coffee tables are available at high wholesale prices, this can be challenging for your sales.

4.3 Italian Brand Coffee Tables Replica from China

In some cases, furniture importers may decide to choose some Italian brand coffee table replicas from China to import into their country. In contrast, China is now very strict about imitation and prohibits it. As a result, this practice is very risky when it comes to transportation, especially with customs.

As a way to evade customs, importers of Italian brand coffee table replicas from China are now using different methods to transport the brand labels separately from the coffee tables to their destinations.

What they do is ship the coffee tables without brand labels by sea to their country. They then pack the brand labels by courier or just carry it by themselves. After the coffee tables and brand labels are shipped to their country, they are reassembled and then sold in their country.

You shouldn’t do this at all because it’s still very dangerous. Whether in your country or in China, customs will destroy imitations as soon as they come across them. Then, you will lose a lot of funds. Therefore, when buying wholesale coffee tables from China, you should be very careful to avoid such problems.

Of course, if you find a professional furniture sourcing company to help you handle these issues perfectly in China, then you can easily import these Italian furniture replicas from China. Contact us if you are interested.

5. Four Things to Know About Wholesale Coffee Table Suppliers from China

If you want to run a successful wholesale coffee table business in China, you should have some knowledge of your China coffee table suppliers. You should know where to find China coffee table suppliers and understand their MOQ, packaging and customization options.

5.1 Where to Find Your Coffee Table Suppliers in China?

Because coffee tables are civil furniture products, it is very easy to find suppliers. You just need to look for professional China coffee table suppliers at different wholesale furniture fairs. Some of the well-known furniture fairs in China are CIFF, Canton Fair, Foshan Long Jiang Furniture Fair, Dongguan 1F Furniture Fair and Shenzhen Furniture Fair.

CHina CIFF fair

Most of China coffee table suppliers are located in Foshan, Dongguan, and Shenzhen. In addition, their factories are located in Foshan. Therefore, you can go directly to Foshan and visit the supplier’s factory.

Of course, you can also talk to them online through Alibaba. For more information about finding a China coffee table supplier online, you can refer to our article“Top 5 China Furniture Wholesale Online Sites”.

5.2 The Basic MOQ of Different Coffee Table Suppliers in China

In most cases, the base MOQ for each SKU is 100. And for some natural marble coffee table factories, their MOQ may only 5. For some of the cheap price sintered stone coffee table factories, the MOQ needs to be over 200 pcs.

These are some of the most basic MOQ. But if you want to customize the design of your coffee tables, then the starting MOQ will go up to 500 or more. Fortunately, the 500 MOQ is for the whole order quantity and not just for one SKU. In this case, you can choose from 3 to 5 SKU.

5.3 Choose the Right Packaging for Coffee Tables

In fact, most coffee table manufacturers will package the coffee table top and the coffee table legs separately. They will use a wooden frame to pack the coffee table top, and use cartons to pack the coffee table legs. Normally, China coffee table manufacturers provide packaging, and the cost of packaging is included in the prices.

Before you request a packaging change, you need to know that the China coffee table manufacturers will usually require a higher MOQ when you make such a request. Because they also ask the packaging company to produce the packaging for them. In this case, the packaging company will usually ask for a MOQ.

In this case, the best solution is to look for a sourcing agent, as they can offer similar packaging services at a lower MOQ.

5.4 Suggestions of Suppliers for Customizing Coffee Tables

Because the structure of coffee tables is simple, there is not much place for customization. Usually, suppliers will offer three different solutions for customizing coffee tables.

5.4.1 Customize Coffee Table Tops

When it comes to the customization of coffee tables, customizing the coffee table tops is the easiest solution. For example, if your coffee table top is sintered stone, you can ask the supplier to cut the coffee table top into a circle, oval, square or rectangle. Of course, you can customize your coffee table top into the Italian coffee table style, which is easier to attract customers.

Coffee Tables Top China

If your coffee table top is made of metal, you can also customize the coffee table top into different shapes. However, metal coffee table manufacturers will require a higher MOQ.

5.4.2 Customized Coffee Table Legs

Another way to customize a coffee table is to change the material or design of the coffee table legs. Coffee table suppliers will have many coffee table legs designs for you to select. All you need to do is choose the coffee table legs design you like, and they will assemble them for you.

5.4.3 Customize Your Own Cartons

Many customers prefer customized cartons. They prefer to use their own brand of cartons instead of normal cartons.

If you have your own packaging design, you can send the design to your supplier directly. Your supplier will put your brand sticker on the carton and the cost of the sticker is very low. However, if you need to print your brands on the carton, it requires a very high MOQ.

In fact, this custom packaging is more attractive to your customers than normal packaging. Because this packaging looks more attractive, and more in line with the aesthetics of local customers. And, your marketing will be much easy.

6.How Rix Sourcing Helps You Import Coffee Tables From China

Rix Sourcing is a leading sourcing company in Foshan, China. They have rich experience in sourcing furniture in China.

Step 1. Get the concept and confirm the product details

Tell us what you think or send us a picture. We will send you a file containing basic information such as coffee table style, design drawing, color, size, material, quantity, etc.

Step 2. Get a quote and customize a coffee table sample

Our coffee table factory will estimate the total cost and provide you with the best price. Then we make samples and send them to you for visual inspection. We will keep improving until you are satisfied.

Step 3. Information confirmed & mass production

If you are satisfied with the coffee table sample and price, it’s time to place your order. We will confirm the quantity and size of each coffee table design and all the details. Then mass production started.

Step 4. Quality Inspection

We will conduct strict production inspections, from raw materials, production supervision to final product testing. If quality issues are found during the pre-shipment inspection, we will ask the China coffee table manufacturer to rework or re-produce the coffee tables.

Step 5. Arrange Shipping

After ensuring that there is no quality issue, we will ask the freight forwarder for quotation, and offer you the best price for sea freight. And then we will monitor the loading of the containers to ensure that the furnitures are stacked properly.

Step 6. Customs clearance documents

The last important step is customs clearance. You should know what documents or certificates are required for this process. In the process of import clearance, the following documents are required for various types of products: commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin.

Of course, depending on the different regulatory requirements of different country’s customs for furniture products, it may require additional certifications. But you don’t have to worry too much about the export process. We will help you to solve the problem.

In addition, you will need to pay customs duties. However, the rates vary by country or product. You can ask your freight forwarder or your customs broker for the required documents and product tax rates.

Thank you for reading this article.

We are Rix Sourcing, a leading sourcing company in Foshan, China. If you are looking for coffee table suppliers, and wholesale coffee tables from China, welcome to contact us. Our furniture sourcing specialists have over 10 years experience in the furniture industry. We will provide you with the most competitive wholesale prices. You can get a one-stop service from sourcing furniture suppliers to exporting containers.

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